pokemon does it incite slavery or a corrupted viewpoint on pets or companions

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Alexander001, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Alexander001

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    pokemon does it incite slavery or a corrupted viewpoint on pets or companions
    i started playing pokemon crystal for the game boy color on my gba SP and got too thinking is it wrong to use them to battle each other whats your opinion.
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  2. LoneWolfy

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    oh boi this is the shit.
  3. Lcs

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    *Clicks the "Watch Thread" button*
  4. Crimcyan

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    Pokemon: it provides fun and made me a furry... Mostly beacuse my favorite pokemon are anthro not beacuse of the bad part of the internets
    (Just wanted to say something random to see where the fuck this thread will end up)
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  5. Yakamaru

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    Yet another moronic thread on this forum. Well, my expectations of people in this fandom is non-existent at this point.

    P.S: Yes, Pokemon incites slavery the same way games incites mass murder and genocide.
  6. Pipistrele

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    Well, not really. Unlike slaves or actual pets, pokemons actually enjoy a good fight by nature (which means it's cruel not to let them fight things out), they never die, don't mutilate each other, have access to full medical care, and everything in Pokemon world is heavily regulated to make things as safe for mons as possible.
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  7. DakaraiDragon

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    After playing pokemon I forced my pet Ekans to eat my neighbors
  8. Alexander001

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    yes those are valid points but if you watch the original non US version of the pokemon show from the 90's you notice that only 3 pokemon have been confermed to have died in the japanese version and the episodes were those died never made it to the US because the US didn't want to expose it to the younger viewers.
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  9. Alexander001

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    as well as read gen 1 through gen 3 pokedex entries they tend to get quite dark
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  10. Yakamaru

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    It's a god damn kids show, not Psycho-Pass, Game of Thrones or Another. :p

    Depending on how you show it, showing a death in a series can be an incredibly good teaching method, to teach about the subjective value of life.
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  11. Ginza

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    Dear lord.... the shit I see on here gets better literally daily

    I honestly have no idea how to even begin to address this. No, it's a kids game. It literally is just catching mythical creatures, not some sort of conspiracy. Believe what you will though
  12. Crimcyan

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    Why are we arguing over so much werid shit on here today. Lmao its a kids game not some illuminati ass cult going on. It says your 20 but you are treating pokemon theories like they are a real life mystery, just take the game and shows for what they are and just enjoy them rather then trying to find some werid ass shit about them
  13. Akartoshi

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  14. FluffyShutterbug

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    Dude, it's just a game. It'd be like questioning whether it's moral to kill people in Grand Theft Auto.
  15. Yakamaru

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  16. Stadt

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    Wasn't this the main story arc for the bad guys in Black and White?
  17. sharprealmcomics

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    haha back in the 90s it promoted dealing XD i rember the populer kids would sell cards like drugs XD ...and get into fights if you liked a certoin pokemon lol i loved meowth and some dude was like...WTF did you just say HES WEAK XD haha that was funny o the 90's
  18. AkuroZinnui

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    I can definitely see where you're coming from with this, as on the surface the combat mechanic seems like a way to introduce players to the idea of illegal animal fighting in order to win items and money. And some level you're correct in thinking that. However, there's a few key elements that your position seems to have not considered.

    Ask yourself this: What is the ultimate thing Pokemon markets?

    Combat? It is a combat heavy game with a very dense combat system. However, part of that blame can be rooted in the genre that Pokemon is part of. Though that doesn't completely excuse it.

    The training? Close, but no cigar, hun.

    Fashion? I wish, but no. Close though.

    Underlying the fighting, the training, and the fashion is a little anime cliche known as the "bonds of friendship".

    It essentially is the idea that you cannot accomplish everything on your own. Friends are that boost you need to win. That drive that pushes you to your goals. Think about this: do you think a Player would be more attached to a Litten they picked up from Island Kahuna Hala or a Shiny Kommo'o they caught in the wild? While gaining a Shiny Pseudo-legendary like Kommo'o would make anyone invested into Pokemon jizz themselves, seeing that Litten persevere through Trial after Trial and eventually evolve into a badass Incineroar is much more heart-pleasing. Especially because that Litten couldn't have grown so much without you. And you couldn't have grown without it and your team. and the fact that Z-Moves and Mega Evolutions are a thing pretty much prove that the bond between Trainer/Player and Pokemon are at the heart of the entire Pokemon Experience.

    How does this relate to inciting slavery and illegal animal fights? The quick answer is that there IS none. No TL;DR here, hun.

    The long answer is this: The relation is a subjective one. While subjective things are much harder to prove, I believe that what I have is still solid enough to support it, so please hear me out. Sports like cockfighting (get your minds out of the gutter ya damn furries...at least wait a few sentences.) and Boxer fighting are heinous in nature. They're purely a one-way street in terms of gain. The winner keeps the bet money and the winning animal lives to another fight. Hopefully. Ask anyone who enjoys the sport and they'll say that the only downsides aside from getting caught by authorities are the times you and your "pet" lose. However, the only ones that get any sort of positive outcome are the humans that host the event and the human(s) that are with the winning "pet". The animals suffer unbelievably on both sides both in and out of the ring, being put through inhumane Skinner Box techniques for training.
    In Pokemon, that bond changes everything. You AND your Pokemon share a goal (that changes every game apparently). You AND your Pokemon suffer a loss. Admittedly the Pokemon get the short end of the stick on this one, but at least they're cared for every single time (if they have at least a halfway decent trainer, that is). And at some point, you AND your Pokemon have to face impossible odds while carrying a very heavy burden with you through the battle. That bond of friendship you have with the Pokemon on your team is what separates the partner from the slave. Both you and the Pokemon want to get farther, get better, and get stronger together.

    HOWEVER, the thing that grounds both sides of this to a screeching halt is that we don't exactly know how PokeBalls work. If the theories saying that they brainwash Pokemon after being caught are true, then you'd be right. if they are wrong, then I'd be not right, but on the right track. Past that point there are questions of honor in combat, hitting them with the Pokeball after throwing it to catch the Pokemon off guard and ensuring a higher rate of capture, etc.
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  19. MadKiyo

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    Pokémon is not even its namesake. Pocket monsters? Do they not know what a real 'monster' is? It's supposed to be a physical manifestation of man's fear, not a cute electric rodent that sits on a 10-year-old's shoulder. If we're calling them pocket monsters we should at least treat them as such. I'd imagine fighting against each other would realistically pose no problem to something that should be devoid of any true feelings, but there's only so far I can get with this argument as the main and often cited 'official' explanation for this is that pokémon like to fight each other naturally.
  20. AkuroZinnui

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    This is a rather unreliable source, as there's context issues with some International PokeDex entries in regards to the topic of the discussion. Some of them I could see working for you in this discussion, but nowhere near all of the darker entries.
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  21. Alexander001

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    yes i said gen 1-gen 3 nintendo doesn't make all dex entries darck but when you read the jap dex entries theres were they get uber gritty eng version is highly sensered compered to the jap version do to entertainment laws and ratings for game players E for everyone can't be super graphic you know
  22. Alexander001

    Alexander001 Member

    made to target all ages after all
  23. Alexander001

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    Silver To steal the life of its target, it slips into the prey's shadow and silently waits for an opportunity.
    gen 2 gengar straight from bulbapedia end version (USA)
    FireRed It is said was once trainer who was cursed to be a pokemon upon death,it's hate of those related to the curse is obsessive(japan)version translated
  24. Crimcyan

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    Sounds like me trying to wake up in the morning...
  25. Alexander001

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    that creepy if you steal life every morning LOL:cool:

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