pokemon fans? best team thru story (or for online battles)?

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    hey so i wanna know the best team u've all had while playing pokemon (thru the main story, but online battle teams are cool too)! i personally am very picky abt who i put on my team, i tend to choose pkmn i get attached to rather than go for strategy (but i know how to make a team perfect, even if there's weak pkmn in it (just means online-battling is a no-go sometimes w/ them))

    i don't remember most of my teams, but the two from omega ruby and moon stand out the most for me

    ruby (they all had weeb names (minus remix) smh):
    • blaziken (kichirou)
    • delcatty (kaede)
    • exploud (ryouma)
    -- (got thru the main story w/o a loss w/ those three alone - including league)
    • replaced exploud w/ ninetales (remix)
    • sylveon (no nickname)
    • joltik (aidou) (my pride and joy i love him)
    • primarina (wiggles)
    • persian (wisteria) my first ever shiny too! 2nd meowth encounter c:
    • arcanine (kindle)
    • leafeon (sprout)
    • mudsdale (heulin)
    • crobat (no nickname)
    i currently don't have a team specific to online battling, still trying to work a good one out in terms of moves, stats, and items ect
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    thats all i can remember rip
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