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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Sasquatch, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Sasquatch

    Sasquatch Member

    Greetings all. I was wondering how people get their text smushed/scrunched together without any space. If anyone knows how it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    Can you provide an example please?
  3. Sasquatch

    Sasquatch Member

    Yes of course

    Example: If you scroll down on my user page to the "Who I am section" you'll see how the lines of text are very close compared to that one off line that reads "Intellectual". I had a friend help me with this and they didn't explain anything, and can't get anything else out of them. Then I went and added a few things to my page and that one line of text just jumped up like that and looks out of place now. :/
  4. quoting_mungo

    quoting_mungo Administrator Staff Member

    The only difference I can see between that line and the others is the order of your closing tags. That said, if you have multiple lines where you're using the same styling, there's no need to style each line individually. Try placing your center and color tags around the whole lot, instead, and see if that makes it easier to adjust line spacing.
  5. Sasquatch

    Sasquatch Member

    Okay, thank you very much. I'll go and try this now. :)

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