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    So, my 2nd published fur-fiction work is heavy on the kinks. My first story, The Escape Pod, was more of a sci-fi furry story sprinkled with sexy scenes. This latest story, Miss Funny Bunny's Tickle Training, as you can tell alone by the title, is a lot heavier on the fap-material. The gist is, a male human wakes up chained to a bed, kidnapped by a beautiful business tycoon, who also happens to be a rabbit. She's insanely into tickle torture, but she has loftier goals for her sex-slave. The resistant and stubborn human proves to be a handful for the buxom bunny, but she's always at least one step ahead of him. It's time to put your feet up and relax, but be careful, that's when she'll strike!
    https:// www . amazon . com/dp/B06XPMB9F2 is the link (remove the spaces, I can't paste the link; it doesn't show here) At $2.99 Kindle, it's a steal. Also, right on the heels (pardon another pun) will be the paperback version at $5.25 I hope you enjoy Miss Funny Bunny's Tickle Training as much as I enjoyed writing it!
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    lol.. nice thanks!

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