PSA: About "coming out" as a furry

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mentova, Nov 21, 2013.

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    Still going to buy this I think. I like it a lot.
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    That is really ace!
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    I want one!!! Where do you get it?
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    Didn't read anything other then the first page but ill say how i did it, ill also add what NOT to say.

    Basically i said, there is this group of people on the internet who create their own cartoon characters, they have their own personas and all of that, there are even conventions where people wear like mascot costumes and act out their characters, share and even sell art, people will pay you to draw your character if they like your style enough, i also said its kind of like say fans of anime or some tv show, only instead of just practically tracing or just making unoriginal art, all the art and everything is completely original content and is one of the most creative groups of people that have spawned from the internet.
    I told my dad and my doctor, and they actually thought it was interesting and thought it was good for me to actually meet people and stuff.

    What you shouldn't say is "fans of anthropomorphic animals" because it just creates confusion and you will be asked like "what the fuck is anthropomorphic?" just keep it short and sweet and don't mention anything about the sexual side, but i guess it helps if the people you talk to don't use the internet like i do, but i guess just don't even mention the word furry just to be safe.
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    My family and most of my IRL friends know already, they're pretty indifferent about it, tbh. My brothers will occassionally joke around with me about it though. lol
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    Telling my parents I was a furry would have been childs play to what happend when I told them
    I was gong to change my gender!...oh
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    Dont tell anyone? lol

    Its nobody's business but your own, I only mention when someone asks xD
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    I came out, saw my shadow, and went back in. 6 more weeks of winter! I'm not even a groundhog.
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    Hi guys I'm a furry
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    *gasps in surprised Furry*
    A FURRY!
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    I'm not a nazi tho
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    I actually start with anthropomorphism. Ask them if they're familiar with the concept (most obviously aren't) I explain what it means and go from there.
  15. Howdy. I'm new to furry fandom. Sorry, not too familiar with the lingo here. I went to my first "Furry convention" today. It was definitely not what I expected. Actually, I didn't really expect anything except people uniting as one to celebrate what they love and have in common. Anyway, as I've mentioned, I'm new here and would love to meet friendly & older furrys. I do have so many questions. Thanks in advance.
    *obviously I have no forum experience, I'm such a sad little noob* :(
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    I have never really made it a secret to my mother. Im not a fursuiter but I do plan on getting a custom tail and ears at some point. My mom simply doesnt care at all and is very supportive. I made her see that there is more than just what the stereotypes makes it out to be.
  17. Can someone please help? I'm only known as a furry online, which I'm fine with and there's no point in telling anyone. However, I'm planning on getting a custom taip and go to a convention in ther near future, probably in the next 5 years if I'm lucky, but how do I tell my mum about getting a custom tail, about furcons, and furries, the main problem here is that even if I do it right, she'll probably still end up finding about the NSFW stuff and think I've been lying to her or something.

    What I'm planning on doing is showing her some fursuit parades, dance videos from furcons and some youtubers. Howevever, the moment I mention anything that relates to NSFW, even slightly and sje'd won't accept me as one. Even if I got my own place, she may still regularly visit, making a problem still, only less likely. In terms of misconceptions, I'm planning on showing her this:
    , but I'm still scared it would go wrong, and be taken seriously or out of context.

    The only real good thing is that she has seen anthros before, from films like Sing and the trailer for Zootopia (or Zootropolis (I don't know if different countries have different names for it)), but she wouldn't lnow what an anthro is unless she is told so. Also, she hasn't seen any actual furries IRL, because there are none in my area as far I know (so lonely... :(, nearest con is confuzzled which is around a 2 and a half hour drive away). Also, apparently she something about a man who dresses up and acts like a dog (not in a furry way, but I'm guessing in an almost real sort of way), and the only thing I remember her saying about it was that it was weird or something like that.

    Another thing, (I'm not good at ordering this LOL) I'm planning on talking to her about anime if I have to, and compare it to furries as in it has a SFW side (Pokemon, Naruto and Initial D), and an NSFW side (some anime, not going to name them as although I know about this, I don't know any names).

    I would plan on saving up some money to go to one, and probably alone, as in a single bedroom or get a 2 person bedroom and share with someone. How would I explain to her about going to a furcon alone, or sharing with a random furry? The thing is, if I was to go to a furcon she'd want to come too, to see what its like or to make sure I'm safe, no matter how long I stay for. I feel like I'd be one of the unlucky furries who instead of getting disowned, would instead lose internet access, or some, and she'd want to know what I'm doing, etc.
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    How about inviting your mum to a meet or a con, or a meet and then a con? Lots of parents are won over once they actually see the community and chat with actual furries. Sometimes, the key is to get the other person to be inside the tent pissing out, rather than outside of the tent pissing in, so to speak.

    You could also wait until you're older, of course, but I know that's a bit of a bummer.

    My parents have traditionally responded well to me being honest about the problems and risks associated with something I want to do, and then showing that I have a plan or avoiding or dealing with those issues. They have also tended to respond well when they know and trust the people I'll be with--so, when I was younger, they were more open to me going places and doing things if they knew responsible people were going with me.
  19. Haven't seen any meets online, and I don't plan on going to a con yet. All I can do right now is youtube videos. Also, how do I start talking about it?
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    I didn't come out as a furry or any of my other traits, though some of them I was forced out upon, as there's nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

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