PSA: About "coming out" as a furry

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mentova, Nov 21, 2013.

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    Still going to buy this I think. I like it a lot.
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    That is really ace!
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    I want one!!! Where do you get it?
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  4. DusterBluepaw

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    Didn't read anything other then the first page but ill say how i did it, ill also add what NOT to say.

    Basically i said, there is this group of people on the internet who create their own cartoon characters, they have their own personas and all of that, there are even conventions where people wear like mascot costumes and act out their characters, share and even sell art, people will pay you to draw your character if they like your style enough, i also said its kind of like say fans of anime or some tv show, only instead of just practically tracing or just making unoriginal art, all the art and everything is completely original content and is one of the most creative groups of people that have spawned from the internet.
    I told my dad and my doctor, and they actually thought it was interesting and thought it was good for me to actually meet people and stuff.

    What you shouldn't say is "fans of anthropomorphic animals" because it just creates confusion and you will be asked like "what the fuck is anthropomorphic?" just keep it short and sweet and don't mention anything about the sexual side, but i guess it helps if the people you talk to don't use the internet like i do, but i guess just don't even mention the word furry just to be safe.
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  7. sbm1990

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    My family and most of my IRL friends know already, they're pretty indifferent about it, tbh. My brothers will occassionally joke around with me about it though. lol
  8. hoclaptrinh

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    Telling my parents I was a furry would have been childs play to what happend when I told them
    I was gong to change my gender!...oh
  9. CHZ

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    Dont tell anyone? lol

    Its nobody's business but your own, I only mention when someone asks xD

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