Pursuit of Power part 2

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    Main character Nura Shinryu is looking to defeat a demon called "The third" and has gathered a force of his own soldiers and mercenaries. (the RPers that join)

    Nura is rich enough to own his own island(Satsuan) which has a small city of around 5000 inhabitants who peacefully live there. The demons Nura was looking for came and attacked him on his island, since the power of the third's sword has the ability to resurrect the demons the island was overwhelmed and Nura, the soldiers, mercenaries and the inhabitants that survived headed to the main island by boat. Roughlly 1,200 of the islands inhabitants died during the battle.

    If you want the full details, mind you it's one hell of a long read you can search for the original pursuit of power in the search box. Focus on my posts(Nura Shinryu)and Yarazarus since we're the main creators of the thread if you wanna skim through it.

    A few changes from the previous thread:
    The island didn't get destroyed(Is currently occupied by the demons) and everyone wasn't revived.


    If any power comes off as too strong in comparison to the monsters we're facing it will be invalidated i.e don't try to one hit kill everything and have near immune shields on constantly (temporary is fine or having a realistic drawback to the ability)

    What is happening now:

    After arriving on the main island(Oshima) and stopping the demons that were assaulting the city, the mayor of the main island comes to thank the mercenaries and special forces for risking their lives to save the city and to pay tribute to those that died in the battle. (soldiers and citizens)
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  2. Azrion/Zhalo

    Azrion/Zhalo The Felynes have arisen!

    This seems familiar
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    Fell Khan have return and seek out Nura Shinryu and Yarazarus with his 4 red robed individual holding an chest of black Iron and silver inlay bound in chains and locked
  4. Yaruzaru

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    The demons were finally pushed back but the battle had clearly taken its toll on the main island. Debris from the battered buildings littered the ground and the scent of death still hung in the air. For everyone to escape from Satsuan, only to reach the main island of Oshima and find that it was under attack as well... but somehow everyone managed through it all... well, almost everyone anyway.

    Is all this just to lure out Nura? Or is The Third simply enjoying the act of toying around with us...

    Lost in his thoughts and still recovering from the battle, Yaruzaru watches everyone talk about what had just transpired while resting on the ground near the group. His gaze wearily turns to his surroundings to look at just how much damage the demons caused. Yaruzaru can't help but feel guilty about the fact that he was used to fuel the chaos that had occurred. He tries to convince himself that it was not his doing but he still feels somewhat responsible.

    The dark clouds covering the city slowly begin to fade, allowing daylight to wash over the area and he tilts his head back to stare at the sky in silent thought. Despite winning the battle he does not feel like they accomplished anything but he allows himself to feel relieved that it is over.

    The feeling of a familiar presence soon snaps him out of his daydream and he turns his head to see the five individuals that had just arrived. He has to stare for a moment but he seems to recognize one of them. Picking himself up off the ground, he tries to get Fell Khan's attention with a quick wave before slowly walking over to him.

    Yaruzaru stops a few feet away from them and nervously looks at the four robed individuals with Fell Khan along with the chest they are carrying.

    "...Hey, wasn't sure what happened to you after everyone evacuated from the island, though i'm glad to see you made it out ok. Where have you been all this time anyway?"

    While not quite wanting to ask Fell Khan about the robed individuals or the chest at the moment, in his curiosity he discreetly tries to see what he can sense from them anyway. He absently looks at each of them, not making any obvious gestures or movements while he speaks with Fell Khan.

    (Sensing for any forms of magic or energy that they may have)
  5. Shaggy Gnoll

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    As you look upon the Red robed Individuals you see at there faces are covered with an metal skull mask, as use your magic senses on them you feel the cold shadow of death but also some form of life force from them (Undead) but chest on the other hand it have magic wards on it witch you may find hard to pierce to see what lay within it

    Fell Khan walk to Yaruzaru not much have change from the last time you had meet the Gnoll still he wears his worn dark red cloak and heavy robes and the dark taloned gauntlet.

    "Greeting Yaruzaru It have been long, I have an gift of knowledge if you or Nura Shinryu will take it?"

    Fell stand and wait for the an answer
  6. Yaruzaru

    Yaruzaru Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk

    The eerie feeling he gets from the four robed individuals makes Yaruzaru feel a little apprehensive about them. Strangely though, the fact that he cannot sense anything at all from the ominous chest they are carrying, seems to unsettle him even more than the four strangers. He displays a worried look for a moment but not wanting to seem rude he appears to calm himself in order to reply to Fell Khan.

    "A gift of knowledge? Hmm, well it depends on what that knowledge is and whether or not we have a use for it i guess. What exactly is this knowledge you're talking about?"

    Yaruzaru looks around briefly from where he is for any sight of Nura but doesn't see him around.

    " ...and if you wanted to see Nura, i don't think he's here at the moment."
  7. Shaggy Gnoll

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    Fell Khan takes his time to look at Yaruzaru and try to read his face, then he walks to the chest and waves Yaruzaru over to the chest.

    With a whisper "This chest holds tomes of demonic lore and other things, knowledge is power and sometimes comes with a price of body, mind and soul to those who are too weak to hold this knowledge."

    Fell Khan take a step back and say "In times like now a soul is very likely to darken and the heart can become as ice to the world around them."

    Fell khan look to Yaruzaru see what he have to say
  8. Yaruzaru

    Yaruzaru Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk

    Yaruzaru displays a confused look on his face when Fell Khan tries to read his expression and after hearing a somewhat cryptic explanation of what this "knowledge" is he takes a few moments to think on the words before replying.

    "So whatever is in this chest holds knowledge about the demons we have been fighting? If so, i'm sure Nura and the rest of us would need that sort of information."

    He pauses to stare at the chest, the conflicting feelings of interest and foreboding he is getting from it only makes him more curious as to its contents.

    "...but am i right in saying that this knowledge comes with some risk attached to it? At least that's what it feels like you're trying to tell me."

    Yaruzaru can't help the nagging feeling that Fell Khan is hiding something other than whatever is inside the chest but he ignores his wondering thoughts to avoid falling into the trap of speculation.
  9. Shaggy Gnoll

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    Fell Khan feels at though it may not be time for him to show Yaruzaru what the chest holds

    "Yes there are risks and the risks are not yours to take, Nura is the one to take them as he is the hunter and if he wish to know more of his prey then he will take it"

    "but what of the island and you I hope you are well?
  10. Yaruzaru

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    "I'm sure Nura will be interested in information like that, especially if it helps us to deal with The Third... whenever Nura decides to show up that is, he always seems to wander off when we need him..."

    Yaruzaru's thoughts take him back to where the demons had him the whole time during the battle on Oshima when Fell Khan asks if he is well. Not wanting to bring up what has past he decides to avoid talking about it.

    "Well, i'm more or less fine aside from being a bit exhausted from all that has been going on... and the island... well i think the carnage speaks for itself."
    He lazily gestures a hand at the surrounding area as he speaks about the state of the island.

    "The demons pretty much tried to wipe it off the map... and us. We got through it somehow but i don't think we can keep this up if we are just going to continue prostrating ourselves for The Third and his lackeys."

    The expression on Yaruzaru's face and the tone of his voice show a hint of frustration as he speaks, though he does his best to hide it. Once he finishes speaking, Yaruzaru closes his eyes briefly before opening them again, quickly regaining a calmer look.

    "In any case we should probably take a breather for now and check our options after everyone has had time to rest. Will you be coming along with us again? We could definitely use your help and the help of your... friends..."
    He still looks apprehensive toward the four robed individuals given what he had sensed from them earlier.
  11. Shaggy Gnoll

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    Fell Khan look around still talking to Yaruzaru

    "Yes there will be a time to rebuild and retake what was lost but come to my ship if wish to feed and rest?"

    Fell Khan seeing Jin turn face him

    "Greeting Jin how have you been? and you may come if you wish"
  12. Yaruzaru

    Yaruzaru Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk

    "Wait, you have your own ship? Hmm, well I guess that explains how you got off the island but I'm going to stick around here for the time being. The people here will be trying to rebuild and I'd like to be here to help out if the demons decide to try anything again. Besides, I'm still waiting for Nura as I'd like to know if he has any plans regarding the demons." Yaruzaru replies.
  13. Shaggy Gnoll

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    "Well half mine in truth the dear captain holds power over ship and her craw but he is at my summons then I wish to travel the seas"

    "I will wait with you and Jin until night falls then I will go back to the ship"
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    The commander of the soldiers Yubie, continues talking with her team a short distance away from the others.

    Yubie - "Don't worry about it Seiji, you did well considering the situation."

    Seiji(Male/soldier) - "But we lost so many that I feel like we weren't of much use."

    Soldier - "... and Jason... why... why did he have to die like that. I'm going to have to go tell his family that you killed him...how are you going to take responsibility?"

    (Past)Flashback to the battle on the island of Satsuan against the demons.

    Under the control of one of the attacking demons, Jason had just killed two soldiers and was charging at Yubie with a knife from one of their corpses. She could see a small tear running down the side of his face. The expression on Jason's face showed his suffering, that he didn't want to hurt anyone else. She knew she had to be the one to do it...

    (Present) In the park where the soldiers and mercenaries are

    All the soldiers watch as Yubie looks down, briefly closing her eyes. She then raises her head and calmly walks up to the soldier. It appears as if she is about to walk past his right side but stops beside him and puts her hand on his shoulder.

    Yubie - "Tadao... remember the time when Nura made us do survival training. We had to stay in that forest full of those mosquitoes and there were so many ants and bugs too. Me, you and Jason were trying to swat them away from the team, taking turns and having fun all night...

    Tadao(Male/soldier) - " Y-yeah..." He looks down for a moment, remembering the good times.

    Yubie - " Jason was a great soldier... but if you ever disrespect me like that again, there will be consequences." Her left eye goes completely black and she stares at him for a moment. His expression turns pale as he stares into Yubie’s left eye. After a brief moment, she looks straight ahead, staring into the distance as she walks off on her own.

    After Yubie walks off one of the soldiers speaks.

    Soldier(Male) - "...I've only ever seen her eye like that once before." The other soldiers look at him as he speaks.

    “Remember when we first started our survival training and we had to share that cramped building. I had to leave the building for… reasons…”

    (Past)Flashback to when the soldiers were doing survival training

    The soldiers are at a training facility for their survival training. A cramped building where there isn't much space for them to share. A phone vibrates from under one soldier’s pillow on his bunk-bed and he takes it out to check it.

    (Text message) - " Hey honey, I heard you were feeling down, maybe this will perk you up. Don't get in trouble x."

    He sneaks out of the building, using his usual route to avoid getting caught. After going some distance away from the building he starts to hear clashing in the distance and follows the noise to find where it’s coming from. He follows the sound until he sees Nura and Yubie, supposedly sparring with swords in what looks like a small arena with pillars surrounding it. The soldier stays hidden in the brush outside the arena to avoid being seen and watches them fight. It looks like there are medics on either side watching and also what seems to be a researcher doing data analysis on the fight.

    Nura seems to have the advantage, parrying most of Yubie's attacks and at times pushing her back but after a few exchanges, Yubie catches Nura off guard and cuts right through his stomach, leaving a deep wound. Yubie stops attacking and looks at the blood leaving the wound.

    Yubie - "Are you ok?"

    Nura is on one knee with one hand on his stomach, with blood dripping through his fingers. Yubie stands up straight and rests the blunt end of the sword on her shoulder and sighs.

    Yubie - "You guys should probably see to him you know, he looks in bad shape." She says as she looks over to the medic near her.

    The medics continue to stand there while looking concerned.

    Yubie - "Good fight but you leave too many openings. As we fought it became easier to read your moves.” She sounds like she is trying to advise him as she speaks.

    Yubie - “So I guess we won’t be working together after all.”

    Yubie starts walking off.

    The Soldier who is still hiding in the brush thinks to himself as he watches.
    Should have guessed, our commander was too much for him.

    He turns around to head back to the building where the rest of the soldiers are.

    A smile appears on Nura’s face but no one else can see this.

    Female medic - “Sir please calm down.”

    Yubie - “Huh?”

    Sensing a completely different presence behind her she instinctively turns to block.

    Nura - “You should get serious.” The force behind the attack is so great that Yubie struggles to maintain her footing. Yubie sees his appearance gradually change and the wound on his stomach seems to heal. Nura’s short hair grows in length and his clothes dye themselves black as he dons a more fearsome appearance.

    As Yubie is blocking, the center of her blade cracks. The soldier hears the loud clash as he is walking away and he turns around to return to where he was in the brush, only to see Yubie struggling against Nura’s attack.

    Yubie manages to push Nura back with her blade but Nura quickly recovers. She briefly sees a purple aura flash at Nura’s feet before he moves toward her at shocking speed, pushing her back into one of the arena pillars. Nura continues to assault Yubie against one of the arena’s pillars, leaving a large dent in the pillar that Yubie gets pushed into while trying to guard herself.

    I don’t believe it, she was overwhelming him a moment ago, what’s going on?
    The soldier thinks to himself as he watches.

    Nura finds an opening and is about to deeply wound Yubie with his blade but her left eye suddenly turns completely black as she is cut.

    Nura - " ... "

    Nura appears to disappear and reappear in the middle of the arena.

    “Noow we’re talking.”

    Yubie goes into a fit of rage and charges at Nura. She swings wildly to try and land a blow but none of her swings hit, whereas Nura appears to be constantly cutting her with a barrage of attacks all over her body. Suddenly, Yubie’s sword breaks.

    Nura - “You just don't give up do you?”

    Yubie digs what’s left of her sword into the ground to stop herself from falling and drops to one knee. She is barely grasping for air while looking at the ground with a look of confusion as her left eye returns to its normal color.

    Nura - “Your power doesn’t last very long, you still need to improve. From the looks of it, you can only take so much pain before-”

    All the injuries that Nura gave her simultaneously seem to have a large effect on her all at once.

    Nura - “You start to feel; that pain again.”

    Yubie writhes in pain on the ground, rolling onto one side and curls up in a fetal position, covering her sides.

    The soldier thinks to himself in shock.
    We are way out of his league

    The scenery suddenly changes as if the arena was never there. Yubie’s pain suddenly disappears, with no visible injuries on her, even the sword is no longer broken.

    Nura - “My power is the power of illusion. I can project physical and mental illusions. Depending on how deeply I effect your mind, it can be as bad as what you just experienced.”

    Nura kneels down to help Yubie up.

    Nura - “Tell your team, you start work as of tomorrow.”

    (Present) In the park where the soldiers and mercenaries are

    Soldier 1(Female)- “So what did your wife send you Akemi?” She says with a grin.

    Another of the soldiers speaks before he can reply.

    Soldier 2(Female) - “Yeah yeah what did she send you so late at night, what happened to not keeping secrets.”

    Akemi stands there awkwardly, not knowing what to say, while the two soldiers start laughing. Before long all the soldiers are laughing.

    Soldier 3(Female) - “But seriously, what did she send you?”

    Not too far from the park where the soldiers and mercenaries are

    Yubie who is still walking through the city comes across Nura who is accompanied by three assistants who are walking behind him, holding a lot of bags and some equipment. There is also an elderly man and woman as well as a young lady walking alongside Nura. Two boys, one of them who is holding a ball start to run ahead of the group. Nura notices Yubie walking past but he decides to leave her be, as she looks like she is deep in thought.

    Woman - “Eriko, Rei, don’t go where I can't see you.”

    Elderly woman - “Hana you worry too much.”

    Hana - “Reminds me of when you did it to me, mom.”

    They both look on happily as the kids run around.

    Elderly man - “Me and Maiya were thinking of having a festival in a few days, to show that we are still standing strong.”

    Nura - “Sure Botan, we'll have it near the port and pay tribute to everyone who has died.”

    Nura and the group he is with soon reach the park where the soldiers and the mercenaries are. The soldiers seem to be joking around as Nura comes into view.

    Soldier - “Hey, isn't that Nura and the mayor?”

    The Soldiers look over to see Nura and the people he is with. They watch as the two boys run into the park and surprisingly lift large debris to create makeshift goalposts.

    Akemi - “Woah, these kids... am I really seeing this.”

    The assistants walk ahead of Nura and the mayor. They start laying out food and drink on a table that one of them was carrying. Alcohol, juice, meat, sandwiches, salads, they seem to have brought a surprising amount of food with them. The soldiers get up, looking visibly hungry.

    Female maid - “Please enjoy.” She says toward the soldiers and mercenaries.

    The group that Nura is with, approach the soldiers and the mercenaries.

    Botan(Mayor) - ”You worked so hard, it's the least we can do.”

    The kids interrupt their play to get some food as well and everyone eats together.
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  15. Shaggy Gnoll

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    Fell Khan move to food take up a plate and takes a pick of the meats on the table and giving thanks to the assistants.
  16. Yaruzaru

    Yaruzaru Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk

    Seeing Nura arrive with the others, Yaruzaru thinks about talking to Nura to ask what's going on but not wanting to interrupt the mood he decides that it can wait till later. He goes up to the table and looks over at what is on offer. After scanning his options he takes a little bit of everything as he moves around the table. He bows his head briefly at the assistants as thanks before he throws a piece of meat into his mouth and goes back to sit near Fell Khan.

    "Well I guess with Nura here I won't have to worry too much about the demons for now. Though, with food out of the equation-"

    He starts putting a mix of the food he gathered together in his mouth and quickly chows it down before he continues.

    "If I do visit your ship, it'll likely just be for a tour instead. You said something about the captain being at your summons? Does he owe you a favor or something?"
  17. Shaggy Gnoll

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    "Well I have to ask the good captain if you can have a full tour of his ship but yes he own me favour but I try not to hold it over him"

    "are the demons hunting Nura or this people?"
  18. Yaruzaru

    Yaruzaru Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk

    "Sounds pretty useful to have a ship at your beck and call though."

    Yaruzaru looks over at Nura and the soldiers for a moment before speaking to Fell Khan, lowering his voice enough that it won't be heard past the sound of all the chatter around the table.
    "Well, if you ask me, I think that the demons are only after Nura. I can't be sure of it but everything they have done seems targetted at him in some way. I hope I'm wrong, but it does make me think about what they could be after. Though, maybe they are just killing for the sport of it."

    Yaruzaru begins to speak normally again.

    "Well anyway, I have been meaning to ask you about something but I didn't want to sound rude at the time."

    Yaruzaru flicks his head in the direction of where the four robed individuals are.
    "Who are those guys that came with you? I've been getting a bad feeling from them ever since they arrived."
  19. Shaggy Gnoll

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    looking Yaruzaru in the eyes

    "there are mindless thralls under my control, I feel we walk different paths you and Jin"

    Fell Khan eat some food and waits for Yaruzaru and Jin see what there have to say
  20. Yaruzaru

    Yaruzaru Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk

    Yaruzaru is visibly unsettled for a moment and stops eating to look back over at the thralls again. He suddenly looks more alert compared to how relaxed he was when he was eating.

    "Well, that would certainly explain what I'm feeling from them... You'd think that you would be more careful saying something like that around here, especially when we are in a world plagued by demons. People are liable to think of you as one of them."
  21. Shaggy Gnoll

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    "There will come a time then I will overstay my welcome but I still wish to help in my own way and Nura can't turn down any help unless his pride is at great"

    turning his head to Jin

    "Stop playing with your toys and come sit with us as wish to talk to you"
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  22. Yaruzaru

    Yaruzaru Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk

    "Trust me, Nura needs all the help he can get considering what happened back on Satsuan."

    Yaruzaru chuckles when Fell Khan calls Jin's shield a toy and seems to relax again.
    - That "toy", may just save your life one day, he's very good with his tech you know.

    Yaruzaru looks over at Jin who looks to be thinking to himself before turning back to Fell Khan.
    "but I don't think he can hear you, probably a lot on his mind. I'm sure he'll get something to eat if he wants to. Though I'm surprised any of us even have an appetite after all this actually." He says as he continues eating what little food he has left.
  23. Shaggy Gnoll

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    "Maybe it will if its user trusts me?"

    Fell Khan get up to walk up to Jin

    "Jin do you fear me, I know you can hear me and I know that you know what I do, as I do feel that you are a hunter, not just any hunter, but a hunter of the unnatural"
  24. Yaruzaru

    Yaruzaru Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk

    Yaruzaru gets some juice from the table while listening to Fell Khan talk with Jin. As he gets back to where he was sitting he makes sure to talk loud and clearly enough that even The Third, would be sure to hear him.

    "I think he's asking what you think of him, Jin. Don't tell me that those large ears are just for show." He smiles a little and points at his own ears as he says this.
  25. Shaggy Gnoll

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    "I'll leave you to play with your toys Jin time will reveal all in good time"

    Fell Khan walk away from jin and back to Yaruzaru

    "I feel like having a drink and Yaruzaru is there any thing more wish to know?"

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