Pursuit of Power part 2

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  1. Jin nods, and follows the skeleton in the uniform, though looking rather uncomfortable, given the fact he was greeted by a ghost, and now is accompanied by a walking skeleton... when he just needs a place to change clothes.

    - T-thanks...
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    The skeleton take you to the end of the corridor and open the last door to the left, let you in to a guest room and points out the toilet witch is a chair with a hole and a bucket with saw dust within it, when the skeleton move to stand on the other side of the door.
  3. Jin knows the ship is old-school and everything, but with what he sees in the room, he feels like he's having to try to be polite. Especially when the hosts are... undead.
    He looks around, then gets out of the skeleton's sight, and takes off his armors.
    With every piece of armor taken off, he lets out a small sigh of relief, feeling so much better without the heavy thing weighing on him.
    He then just puts on black shorts (which reach over his knees), and a white loincloth (just below the opening of his pouch), and puts the armor away. Once done, he stretches his arms, legs and tail, as both him and the snake let out a long hiss, before getting out.
    He looks back at the high-tech armor in his backpack and smirks.

    "Power armor is for pussies."

    He then walks off and back to the deck.
    Nightfall is coming ; the temperature slightly drops, making him shiver a bit, so he grabs a cloak made of fur and hide, and wears it over him.

    "Ha ! Natural fabric is the shit !..."
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    "So you have a ship full of undead and ghosts. I'm kinda wondering how you have been able to stay at the port without any problems from the soldiers on the island. Either Nura pulled some strings or the people here are so used to demons that seeing a traveler with odd companions doesn't phase them at all."

    He tries to poke the captain purely out of curiosity.

    "I've never seen a ghost up close before. I guess that 'favor' he owes you is not as clear cut as I thought it may be if he's undead, along with the rest of the crew it seems."
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    Ricker Wilhelm "Or the port guard are weak will and they see what there like to see and at is... see no evil hear no evil speak no evil and at is fine by me"

    The ghost reach out touching your hand giving you a chill though out your body

    Fell Khan "How I see it, it is clear cut I'm in heed of a ship and the good captain a renewed ship"
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    Yaruzaru Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk

    Yaruzaru chuckles awkwardly when the ghost touches his hand even though he was attempting to poke him in the first place.

    "Give the port guard some credit. The island is still standing after all. Besides, I doubt they fight demons all day, only to be scared off by a few undead."
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    Ricker Wilhelm "I think you miss understand me"

    The ghost wills to become more human and live but still you see him as a ghost but with an fog of an living men.

    Ricker Wilhelm "you have see my true nature witch makes harder trick you other whys should we have meet you with out the sorcerer you would have see me in other light"
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  8. Jin stands near the ghost, his arms crossed, while looking at it, feeling kind of uneasy.
    The snake tilts its head to a side, seemingly more like curious.
    He starts to find it awkward that "bone magic" is included in his list of powers, yet he felt uncomfortable while being around a skeleton.
    The thought quickly passes, though, as he turns away and looks into the horizon, once again lost in his thoughts about demons appearing everywhere.
    He lets out a silent smirk, thinking about how they're even called "demons", as in creatures of the underworld, and yet mortals like him, the other mercenaries, and even soldiers with just guns, can still fight against at least some of them.

    "They give the underworld quite a bad name, heh..."
  9. Yaruzaru

    Yaruzaru Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk

    "As long as you don't try to recruit us as part of your ship I think we can deal with your appearance and behaviour." He chuckles
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    Ricker Wilhelm "Never been they my self Jin and Yaruzaru only if harm come to my ship will act uncivilised"

    Fell khan "As you know one of my secrets would you let us know one your in return Yaruzaru and Jin?"
  11. Jin raises his eyebrows up and glances at Fell when he's mentioned. He just shrugs and looks super shameless about this, despite saying "magic is for pussies" earlier and pretty much getting everyone triggered.

    - I'm an anti-wizard. I mess up their blood and energy to negate their maigc. Sorta like blood magic if you can call it like that.

    He's obviously trying not to sounds like "yeah, you heard me, don't even fuck with me with your magic crap", and instead just being super basic about what he can do.

    - Anything else you wanna know ?
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    Fell Khan look at you with paw on chin and the look of thinking

    Fell Khan "Blood magic how do you use it and are you Null born?
  13. - I plague their blood with my corruption. Every time they use magic, their blood boil and their vein burst, and their magic nullified because of the pain.

    Jin points at his wrist, at his veins. Then, he points at his tail, the horned snake, which is now at his side, looking at Fell Khan, with its tongue sticking out.

    - Even though this is basically just my tail, it's actually a sentient creature on its own... sort of. Thing is, I've trained myself... or rather, it, to use magic separately too.

    He looks down in shame, trying to smile to make the matter less serious, but he can feel that it probably won't matter at all. If there's any sort of self-consolation for him, at least he tries to do it.

    - ... Sorry about my comments earlier, regarding magic and such. Magic isn't for pussies, sorry.
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    Fell Khan "Corruption you say, you mean venom and your blood poisonous to magic user and you and your tail can use magic interesting"
  15. Jin nods in agreement :

    - Yeah, you can say it like that. Venom. Cuz, ya know... snake.

    The snake sticks its tongue out to a side, in a playful manner, as it slightly nods as well.
  16. Yaruzaru

    Yaruzaru Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk

    "So your tail pretty much watches your back. I Guess you don't have to worry too much about any surprises. Can always use an extra pair of eyes when fighting demons that would gladly sneak up and stab you in the back."

    "I don't think I really have any secrets that are as interesting as a ship captained by a ghost or Jin's 'tail' and his abilities."

    He thinks for a moment.

    "Well, where I come from, technology is superior to magic. Most mages give up on magic and use technology now. Especially when concerning conflict as there are many ways of disrupting magic using technology."

    "I however, don't want to give up on my magic in favour of something that works better. It would be like having a skill you are really good at but you end up never using it. I prefer to try and improve on my magic, just as those who use technology improved on their devices."
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    Fell Khan "Jin have you try and milking your venom put it in to darts or try turning into gas hmm at may not work"

    More Skeletons in navy uniform and powdered wig carrying out table and chairs setting them down other 3 with music instruments.

    Ricker Wilhelm set down "come sit, would any one like an drink?" Ricker wave his hand and the skeletons begin to play.
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    Fell Khan "Yaruzaru what is your peoples technology like and what have you been doing to master the art?
  19. Jin raises his eyebrows at Yaru mentioning his place.

    - Technology can disrupts magic ? I've never heard of such a thing.

    He then shakes his head and chuckles :

    - But, then again, coming from a guy like me... there're bound to be things I'll miss.

    He takes a step away, looking far into the horizon, and chuckles :

    - Up until just a while ago, I was like people at your place, alien dude. I was so certain technology was more plausible, and saw nothing good in magic. I just thought of magic as some cheap trick to screw around... and after the entire fight with the demons at the city earlier, I just detested it even more, and blamed every magic-user I saw in my sight. However...

    He shakes his head a bit, and chuckles more, as if to make the mood less serious as he goes on.

    - I'm starting to swallow my own words earlier now. Magic and technology... neither is superior or inferior. Neither is to burn the world... and neither is for pussies. Yeah, sorry for what I said earlier.

    He rests his left hand on the snake's head, as he raises his right hand up, as white aura appears around his hand. The water slowly shifts and rises up, looking like a small plant, then a flower blooming. As he goes on, the flower of water gradually grows up into a large blossom tree. On the surface, beneath it, is a field of flowers, all made of water as well.
    While looking at the scene, he responses to Fell Khan :

    - "Milk" ?... Because I'm a minotaur ? Har har har, very funny... and, no, I didn't make myself clear. It's my magic, not venom. Can't put it in darts or anything.

    He then looks back at Ricker.

    - No thanks, I'm good.
  20. Yaruzaru

    Yaruzaru Feral tendencies, cuddle me at your own risk

    Yaru shakes his head in response to Jin's words.
    "Let's just forget it ever happened."

    Yaruzaru pulls up a seat and watches Jin display his magic.

    "I find magic and technology both fascinating myself. I can't help but always wonder what different types of inventions or casters there are in the world. While I don't often use technology myself, I do have an appreciation for what it is capable of."

    He looks over to fell and scratches his head in thought for a moment before replying to him.

    "Weell, I mainly try to practice new ways of deploying my magic to catch others off guard. As my magic has its limitations, the best I can do is try to be more versatile when using it. My people don't really use Technology but our neighbours do so we have plenty of chances to see their inventions in action."

    He then replies to the captain.

    "Yeah sure, I'm curious as to what you would have to drink on a ship full of undead." He chuckles

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