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Discussion in 'Art Exchange & Trades' started by Shouden, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Shouden

    Shouden When in doubt: C4

    Here's a thread where people can come to toss out ideas for drawings. Don't really need to have a reason or anything, just stuff you'd think is cool.

    You can toss out cool story ideas too.

    Here's my go at this:

    I want to see someone do a anthro version of Major Motoko from Ghost in the Shell. Don't really care what animal. just wanna see it.

    Here's some Motoko Refs:
    http://media.photobucket.com/image/Major Motoko/gitsu/fanart/major_br.jpg

    Anyways, anyone can use this thread.
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  2. GoodEats

    GoodEats I am a Tibbilope!

    This is a thread that should be stickied... I normally have no ideas on what to draw
  3. CyberFox

    CyberFox Nostalgia Rider

  4. Shouden

    Shouden When in doubt: C4

    oh, and artists who snatch these up, please either post a link to the finished work here or post the work here. It would be much appreciated.
  5. GoodEats

    GoodEats I am a Tibbilope!

    I closed my eyes and suddenly saw a little boy squirrel with a too short green short sleeved shirt, spikey hair, big ears, and a short and fluffy tail folded down... He was cute and brown..
  6. Gavrill

    Gavrill ladies~

    Aw man I wanna draw that squirrel, but I suck at drawing...

    A piece of art based on the phrase "Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell." Or one of the two things mentioned in that phrase. :3
  7. Muir

    Muir Dragon by day, Wolf by night

    This is a good idea! And I agree, should be stickied. I've found that most requests I get are "draw my character yiffing a rabbit/fox/dog/random athro". Total random, off the wall requests, such as this thread is encouraging, are very rare.

    I'm going to keep an eye on this thread. ;)
  8. Nanakisan

    Nanakisan Wild lunatic!

    a nice big fat cute Valoo the dragon
    heres a ref [​IMG]
  9. GoodEats

    GoodEats I am a Tibbilope!

    Try it! :D Give it a go. You don't get better without trying. (I'm learning that.) xD
  10. Cero

    Cero Pandahat is ONLY HAT.

    I predict this thread will be an epic failure due to lack of people actually drawing anything.

    I'm not trolling, I'm being logical.
  11. Shouden

    Shouden When in doubt: C4

    umm....are you going to whine about it, or are you going to do something about it. Besides, a couple artists have already expressed interest in making it a stickie. And it's a young thread. Give it time. If you don't like it, don't comment.
  12. Gavrill

    Gavrill ladies~

    I'm attempting to draw the squirrel character now. May be posted in a few days (if I get my scanner to work).
  13. Panzermanathod

    Panzermanathod SHAVE ALL FUR! BALDIES FTW!!!

    Just say no yiff art requests.
  14. Shouden

    Shouden When in doubt: C4

  15. GoodEats

    GoodEats I am a Tibbilope!

    Cool! <3 xD
  16. Amber

    Amber Member

    Lol, That's awesome... :p
  17. Bloostreak

    Bloostreak New Member

    That squirrel guy seems popular, can't blame him, I'm thinking about going for him too, later =P

    An idea for a request then, one that I've had in my head for some time- 'Coon Squad! Just a racoon military squad that's by no means a serious one. Straight jacket and lamonade filled waterguns anyone? ^^
  18. GoodEats

    GoodEats I am a Tibbilope!

    xD Coons rock.
  19. IsabellaPrice

    IsabellaPrice Dead Dead Deadski

    This sounds interesting. Maybe I'll lurk around in here for a while after I finish my trades/requests/commissions. :D *loves doing free art*
  20. Shouden

    Shouden When in doubt: C4

    EPIC! I might have to do a story on that one. Nice!

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