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Discussion in 'Art Exchange & Trades' started by Shouden, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. lockaboss

    lockaboss hi how are you...just kidding i dont care

    can some one draw a cross between a toad and a turtle
  2. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    I'm desperate for some more NSFW artworks... I'd be grateful if someone would be willing to take on a request or two from me. :3
  3. NonaDiAngelo

    NonaDiAngelo New Member

  4. lockaboss

    lockaboss hi how are you...just kidding i dont care

    I love how people ask for stuff here but like no one actually trys to fill the requests
  5. NerdyMunk

    NerdyMunk Only a Book Smart Nerd

    Well, gee, they're requests, not commissions, so don't expect a lot out of it, or everything done at all.
  6. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    This actually worked for me before. A little while after I left a requested here, somebody direct messaged me and took on a few requests for me. Patience, my friend.
  7. lockaboss

    lockaboss hi how are you...just kidding i dont care

    yer i know some do but like 1 in every 100 actually work
  8. Grimm Hund

    Grimm Hund Active Member

    Vampiric female bat while also having some techy or cyborg aspect. SFW only and the rest is up to you.
    I have other requests for a direct message!
  9. Wynst Draws

    Wynst Draws New Member

    Xcom or alien nsfw stuff. We need moar of it!
  10. lockaboss

    lockaboss hi how are you...just kidding i dont care

    do we... DO WE REALLY o_O
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  11. Wynst Draws

    Wynst Draws New Member

    Okay... I need moar of it.
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  12. SwirlJelly

    SwirlJelly Liquidshifting DogLizard

    I have my DogLizard and my partner's KittyMoo that need some artistic love! Anything cutesy, silly or affectionate works. We are also up for single pics. I'm the sleek one and she's the fluffy one. :3

    We also accept NSFW stuff, PM me if you're interested in making this kind of art.

    Jojer the doglizard:
    www.furaffinity.net: Jojer Reference by Jojer
    www.furaffinity.net: The Lovers by Selaena by Jojer

    Josphitia the KittyMoo (cow x tiger hybrid):
    She has short nubby horns that she's filed down herself so she doesn't seriously injure me when she cuddles me. XD
    She's also chubby and loves Magic the Gathering and Pokemon. She loves dressing in punk-y denim jackets and shorts!
    www.furaffinity.net: Josphitia Reference 2016 by Purplicious-Tigress
    www.furaffinity.net: Hi There! by Purplicious-Tigress
    www.furaffinity.net: Filing My Horns! by Purplicious-Tigress
    www.furaffinity.net: Josphitia by Z-Afiro by Purplicious-Tigress
    www.furaffinity.net: Sittin' Pretty by Necromercy by Purplicious-Tigress
    www.furaffinity.net: Beautiful Red by Purplicious-Tigress
    www.furaffinity.net: Hai by Purplicious-Tigress
    www.furaffinity.net: PEACE~~~ by Purplicious-Tigress

    Feel free to private message me with any questions or contact me on www.furaffinity.net/user/jojer !
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  13. KiokuChan

    KiokuChan Active Member

    The 12 chinese zodiacs combined into one animal. Maybe it can call itself the calendar keeper or something. If you don't know the zodiacs they are: rat, ox, rabbit, dragon, tiger snake, dog, boar, horse, ram, monkey, and rooster.

    This is more just meant to be a drawing idea than anything else. ; p
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  14. kidchameleon

    kidchameleon Active Member

    Wow, that's sounds... hella complicated XD Cool idea though, hopefully someone takes a crack at it
  15. SwirlJelly

    SwirlJelly Liquidshifting DogLizard

    Hey everyone! I have a very special request to make, my soon-to-be fiance's birthday is coming up on July 21st and I'll be proposing to her. I'd love to gather some sweet/loving/romantic/nsfw/sfw/chibi- heck, any kind of art to commemorate the special occasion. If you're interested in making any requests for us, please hit me up on here or on www.furaffinity.net/user/jojer

    It's highly appreciated!

    Jojer AKA SwirlJelly
  16. ShrimpArts

    ShrimpArts New Member

    I present you the toadtle
  17. KiokuChan

    KiokuChan Active Member

    Aww I like the toadle!
  18. lockaboss

    lockaboss hi how are you...just kidding i dont care

  19. jffry890

    jffry890 Member

    I need the practice so I'm gonna skim through back-to-front tomorrow and start doing things I find interesting.
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  20. jffry890

    jffry890 Member

    Is this okay?
    Critique on anatomy and perspective would be appreciated.

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