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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AugustusTheClydesdale, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate you passion in the fandom? 1 would be you just dabbling in it, while 10 would be full-blown furriness.
  2. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru 100% Weaponized Autism

    Hmm. I'd rate myself 2.
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  3. Furduo

    Furduo New Member

  4. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    3, maybe 4 max. Still lack finishing Coma's backstory, going to a Con, and the whole suit thing :D
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  5. SveltColt

    SveltColt Well-Known Member

    oh no

    I need help.
  6. Scales42

    Scales42 MLG Snake

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  7. Open_Mind

    Open_Mind Well-Known Member

    I'd say currently 5 of 10 ... and definitely trending upwards!
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  8. AcidWolf22

    AcidWolf22 Positive pupper

    I'd consider myself a 3.5 out of 10, maybe 4.
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  9. Lcs

    Lcs Well-Known Member

    Either 1 or 2, probably. This forum and the occasional look at artwork are the only things I really do in the fandom anymore.

    A year ago I would have said that I was closer to 4 or 5.
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  10. Brooks Dotson

    Brooks Dotson New Member

    For myself probably 9 or 10 i guess, it's pretty obsess over from time to time depending on my mood :/
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  11. Ravofox

    Ravofox And a few other fursonas as well

    Maybe 4. It's quite up there with my biggest personal interests, but I haven't really done anything aside from art and chatting online...yet
  12. RuffusTheLynx

    RuffusTheLynx Pff... just a casual lynx...

    Probably 5/10 but i think that number will increase.
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  13. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Furry trash/10.
  14. Sgt. Kai

    Sgt. Kai Sgt. Kai the German Shepherd Police Dog

    I'm probably 5 on the scale. Nothing like sitting on the fence. Been to a couple cons, have fursuit and wear a tail and a collar outside of work.

    Who am I kidding!?!? I'm furry trash!!!!
  15. Ginza

    Ginza Unironically Ironic

    100% a complete furfag. Doesn't get much worse unfortunately. I'm bound to this hell for a long time to come :p
  16. Sgt. Kai

    Sgt. Kai Sgt. Kai the German Shepherd Police Dog

    *hugs fellow furfag*
  17. Open_Mind

    Open_Mind Well-Known Member

    *Gently noms ear*
    I'd say my diagnosis is similar!

    Edit: Might take a little bit for all the symptoms to show, but I don't think there's a cure.
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  18. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru 100% Weaponized Autism

    *hugs the fellow trashy furfag*
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  19. funky3000

    funky3000 Galactic Overlord

    I want to say 10. Even though I don't have a fursuit yet it's definitely a plan of mine, but I've been to a couple local furmeets and I have quite the amount of characters and even a custom species to my name.
  20. Rimna

    Rimna Far from the madding crowd


    I've yet to obtain a fursuit and go to a furcon.
  21. Open_Mind

    Open_Mind Well-Known Member

    No fursuit = 9.5, tops
  22. Crimcyan

    Crimcyan Im fox now, BAMBOOZLED

    Take that whatever way you want
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  23. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    Furry Battle Cry, right there.
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  24. Filter

    Filter Active Member

    Hmm... maybe a 2?

    It varies.

    I've always liked anthropomorphic animals. I make furry art for fun, and I sometimes find myself on furry sites, but I'm not involved with the fandom IRL. Identifying myself as a furry might even be misleading to others. Lots of normies like anthros, after all, and few of the furry stereotypes actually pertain to me. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised to find that I'm still drawing furries 40 years from now. Long after most of today's furs have moved onto other things. By some definitions, that would make me a furry for life.
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  25. lyar

    lyar Its not the human race, its just the human race

    1 definitely maybe if I knew more furries personally I'd be involved

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