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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AugustusTheClydesdale, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny don't pull my ears!

    Hmm. I'd say a solid 5.
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  2. Open_Mind

    Open_Mind Well-Known Member

    My latest find, just arrived today. I think this bumps me to 5.7
    (PM me I'll tell you where I found it)
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  3. W00lies

    W00lies Member

    3/10 maybe?
    I never really looked for anything furry related but if the option was there I would take it. Best examples i can think of are Taurens in WoW and the lizard and cat from skyrim. If the site was mostly human art I would find myself drawing humanoids with animal features a whole lot... and dinosaurs! And dragons! Wee~ <3
  4. TwizztedDragon

    TwizztedDragon New Member

    Would being more attracted too a female anthro bunny,kitty, dragon,fox,or any other well figured furry female, than a normal female humans put me at a 10/10?
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  5. TheArchiver

    TheArchiver Ace Documenter


    I am here for very little else beyond consuming visual art. I engage infrequently with online furry cliques. But my interaction with this fandom ends there.

    I could not be less interested in creating a "fursona", convention going, meeting self proclaimed furries in public, and god forbid...wearing a fursuit.
  6. Jay98

    Jay98 The violent man-eater

    I'm new to being furry or at least officially since I've been friends of furries for a long time and kinda had anthropomorphizations of my human persona thrust upon me but as past experience goes I'll probably be completely okay with some the worst of what a fandom has to offer but personally choose to do nothing more than act a role at the most vanilla of levels. I'm not entirely sure how to number that. Is it low becaue I don't partake or is it high because I'm disturbingly okay with stuff i really shouldn't be.
  7. 6/10

    I spend a lotta time here but mostly because I have not much else to do.
  8. TwizztedDragon

    TwizztedDragon New Member

    I actually want too design and make a suit also go too meets and cons. So yeah i have been doing some reading here and yup im a 10/10 lol. I keep a teddy bear in my car and love everything soft and fluffy. Lol
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  9. AcidWolf22

    AcidWolf22 Lemon enthusiast

    Ok, after some time, I've decided to change my rating to an 8/10.
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  10. rknight

    rknight Member

    7/10 I guess
    There's some element of being a furry in my business.
    ( I own a small auto shop, I use my fursona in our local advertisement )

    But I don't have a fursuit.
  11. Rakiya

    Rakiya New Member

    Sad to say that I'm about a 1 or a 2 out of 10.
    At this point it's less about me dabbling around in a mild interest...
    And more about me desperately clinging on to something I'm trying really hard to stay interested in.

    With the exception of having a fursona, there really hasn't been much in the way of me enjoying the experience or the fandom.
    Not flying across the globe to attend a con, can't find very many furry's in my area, commissioning art gets expensive, and probably worst of all I've found that the connection/friendships I build are fleeting and no more stable than a quick online friend I check up on from time to time.
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  12. Jay98

    Jay98 The violent man-eater

    great. and i just got here.
  13. Nimilex

    Nimilex Just a wine loving wolfo.

    discovered the furry fandom a month ago and now i have an account at Fur Affinity and the Forums, subscribed to 20 furry themed youtubers and tried drawing furry art, i think i'm 2 / 10. And i want to attend eurofurence next year. i don't know what happened to me but I like it, i like the fandom very much there are so many nice people here and there is a lot of awsome art!
  14. Open_Mind

    Open_Mind Well-Known Member

    ^^ might be under-rating yourself just a bit... lol

    Wants to say he doesn't know how to subscribe to a YouTuber but thinks that would embarrass him

    Edit: kids looking over shoulder, say "It's easy! Don't say that or your furry friends will think you're old!"
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  15. Inkblooded

    Inkblooded Active Member


    It's like I don't want to be here, everything sucks, people are awful, but I don't know anything else so I can't really stop it.
    Also, morbid curiosity keeps me going.
  16. ChromaticRabbit

    ChromaticRabbit lagomorphic



    I find the fandom more delightful over time because I see it as connected to a wide world of classic or even ancient ideas. It is a kind of perfect subterfuge because who can attack anthropomorphic critters without coming across as a crackpot, and yet the wider world of fandom has slipped 'paganism' and all sorts of spiritual ideas right under the nose of monotheistic cultists in the form of Pokemon, and so on. Isn't this great fun? I think it's perfectly subversive, and as such, it's perfect for this era.

    Sadly, I missed out on Pokemon firsthand, just a year or two too old and got too busy with school at the time. I came at furry fandom from another angle...
  17. JJPaw

    JJPaw New Member

    I'm probably a 5.5 considering:

    - Has lots of furry sonas on Second Life
    - Had artwork done of sona
    - Has a primary sona
    - Has furry friends
    - Lives with a furry
    - Registered to multiple furry sites including a FB sona account
  18. Cloudyhue

    Cloudyhue Certified Fuzzbutt

    7 or 8, send help.

    I don’t have a fursuit, but the fandom is most of my friends. I commission art, draw art, participate in many different communities, all that. I’m a certified fuzzbut and certified trash.

    PS: My phone autocorrects real words to the names of my characters.
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  19. Annis

    Annis New Member

    Probably a 5-6? I have a fursona, I like drawing furries, don't have problems with the label and I'd consider myself part of the community...I just don't go to physical meet-ups or cosplay as my fursona.
  20. Open_Mind

    Open_Mind Well-Known Member

    ^^ ... yet! Give it a little longer to really take hold :D

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