READ BEFORE YOU POST: Guidelines to Introduction Threads

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions' started by dinosaurdammit, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Monster.

    Monster. The future Mrs. Schmuck

    Good to see you too. :3 I shall never leave again.
  2. Deo

    Deo The hatred of FAF personified

    LOL everyone, "deo" is a case form of "deus". It's modified for the verb. And honestly, it's more girly and name-like than "deus" so that's why I chose it.
    Also, lol online Latin dictionaries. Those are about as good as free online translators, and to any of you with different languaged pen-pals you know how those mangle everything.
  3. Thatch

    Thatch Don't vore me, bro

    Yes, we already came to that conclusion.
  4. Heliophobic

    Heliophobic Active Member

    Oh god... so many different fonts.
  5. Aldino

    Aldino ShadowBroker

    I love the irony of having this entire topic dominated by people who almost all have over two thousand posts. I agree that this information is important however, try linking it in your original introduction by Fender.
  6. Aleu

    Aleu Deuces

    They can't merge two things done by two different people.
  7. Aldino

    Aldino ShadowBroker

    I want to reply but I am nearly one hundred percent sure I don't know what I am talking about.
  8. Xaerun

    Xaerun "toxic and negative"

    Actually we totally can but it's only fun to do it with Corto's posts
  9. Kendel-Ventonda

    Kendel-Ventonda New Member

    I read this and wondered what I've found at the registration:
    "What species are you?"

    Just wanted to mention this :3
  10. Batty Krueger

    Batty Krueger DJ Nailbunny

    It's supposed to be fursona species. And btw reviving old threads is a no no here just so ya know ;)
  11. BRN

    BRN WTB Forum Mod Powers

    This thread sounds a whole lot like "We don't like your kind around here, newbie" :u
  12. LizardKing

    LizardKing Guest

    It's a sticky, you silly goose.

    You mean it's not? Someone should fix that.
  13. Da Crazy Catz

    Da Crazy Catz New Member

  14. BronwynMendoza

    BronwynMendoza Test Subject

    Really enjoyed reading this just wish I'd seen it sooner, thank you all contributors
  15. SkyGuy135

    SkyGuy135 New Member

    Thanks for the info!
  16. Khaos

    Khaos New Member

    I'm not going to lie. As a new user to forums in general as well as knowing next to nothing about furaffinity...
    I'm a little scared to post anything now...
  17. AcroArdent

    AcroArdent New Member

    I'm equally new and while it's a little nerve wracking (especially when I've had terrible experiences with some past fandoms) I greatly appreciate all the effort that the pre-existing users put forth to help us newbies out.
    Thank you guys, I've read through all rule/suggestions/tip/advice threads and I really appreciate it.
  18. grizzlies96

    grizzlies96 Grizzly the Wolf

    Re: Guidelines to Introduction Threads

    I personally have no idea, but I do know that all Latin words have many forms. Perhaps deus is a form of deo, but I can't say for sure.
  19. WyndStar

    WyndStar New Member

    Re: Guidelines to Introduction Threads

    one will aways be watching even if that one doesn't care much
  20. zorua

    zorua diet soda

    Some of the links in the original post look interesting, but they're all broken...
  21. Ozriel

    Ozriel Inglorious Bastard

    Most of the threads have been nuked. Forum Games does not exist here.
  22. ToranooSahara

    ToranooSahara New Member

    This is a handy forum, i hope i can make a good forum and make some great friends since i just joined the fandom last year.
  23. KromeKeio

    KromeKeio New Member

    This was very informative and helpful as a newbie, thanks! I did read this before posting ;) and I'm glad I did. I'm sure I will still end up making a FA faux pas here and there, but maybe I can avoid it in the very beginning at least :p
  24. BoxOrphan

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