Recommend: Short series or standalone novels

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  1. ladyzemmy

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    Just as the title says, I've been getting into reading again (had a brief period where it was looking for original comic stuff) and I'm looking for either standalone stuff, or a series that's less than 6 books @__@

    I've read some of Brandon Sanderson's stuff and I love how the way he sets things up. I recently read The Dragon Lords: Fool's Gold, though while not in the same vein as Sanderson it had comedy and action, andI really appreciated the humor; it was such a fun read. Besides fantasy stuff I want to get into sci-fi as well but I do not know where to start either.

    I could go the route of 'judge it by the cover' gamble but it's lead to some disasters in the past. Sorry Guy Gavriel Kay D;
  2. Jes

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    If you wanted to get in to sci-fi, I'd recommend The Martian by Andy Weir. Specifically the audiobook version narrated by R. C. Bray. Though if you're not an audiobook fan, the book itself is still good, in my opinion.

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