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    "Faded Celluloid Dreams" by was1
    One of the most original uses for an anthropomorphic character that I've seen in sometime. It's a story about a human who meets an old, forgotten vampire bat that was genetically engineered for roles in old hollywood monster movies.

    "Dust" by slyford
    This piece takes place in the Lapism universe created by Phil Geusz. It's a powerful story about a once human priest who was cast out of his congregation because of his desire to become a rabbit; but when tragedy strikes, he's thrust back into the religious role he has been struggling to suppress.

    Both of these stories were also made into podcasts by was1:
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    I guess I'll have to redo this since the forums had a little...hiccup.

    "Sweet Nothings" by Poetigress
    An adorable little romantic comedy which shows that love can blossom anywhere, even in an ice cream shop.

    "Destination Zeta Train" by Xipoid
    This thriller follows a detective named Derik who is investigating the bombing of the Zeta Train by a terrorist group, but when he suddenly gets a strange new partner, the investigation begins to lead him toward a conspiracy that will completely change the way Derik looks at the world.

    Plus a new addition, because I'm such a nice guy.

    "And In The Morning..." by Kashra
    Originally published in the now out of print Anthrolations #4, it's a dark tale about the animal workers who pick up trash and clean up the streets, but sometimes, these "cleaners" dispose of more than just the garbage.
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    "The Wishing Tree" by Poetigress
    This was published in issue 2 of sofawolf's excellent literary journal new fables. It's the charming story about a raccoon who plays a trick on two hounds by telling them a tree can grant them wishes. But sometimes, wishes seem to have a way of coming true.

    "Think on it" by Xipoid
    Yes, I'm a sucker for a good romance story, and Xipoid does a brilliant job with this short, but edgy tale. It's about a person struggling to come to terms with the fact that love is love, no matter who's in it.

    "Dread Pirate Tabor" by Vixyyfox
    This is part 1 of Miss V's ongoing tale about pirates on the high seas. You can check out the others in her gallery. It's full of action, comedy, love, and plenty of sexual innuendos to go around. A ride that shouldn't be missed.
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    Good thing you're here, Duroc. :)
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    You mean people actually look at this thread. I thought I was just practicing my typing skills.:) Thanks, Renard.

    "A Crack in the Wall" by Kashra
    A remarkable thriller about two lovers forced to make a desperate choice, but with devastating consequences. It was originally published in the second issue of Anthrolations, one of my favorite anthropomorphic magazines.

    "The Wedding Picture" by Metassus
    A truly touching story that explains the heart-wrenching truth behind a simple photograph.
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    I read the thread and think: "Alright, again Duroc has recommended something I have found awesome... Maybe the stuff he recommends and I haven't read is awesome too..." But, I never can find enough time to read the stories... It's a common problem. If you read about a dozen writers in FA, and you try reading something else too, you have so much reading it's hard to find time to read even more.

    Anyway, I read this thread, if that means anything to you. Should recommend something myself... but you have recommended all them already, man!
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    "Wings" by Todd Sutherland

    This was published in "Best in Show", which I believe is now out of print. One of the most memorable pieces of furry fiction I've ever read. It's the story of an anthropomorphic seeing-eye dog, named Faith, who is looking after a blind boy.
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    Decided to stop hesitating and recommend two great stories I have been reading in FA.

    "Hearts In Alaska" by AlaskanWolf (first chapter; 21 chapters online)

    A tale full of fantasy, mystery and scifi, this story takes its readers to a riveting journey to a mysterious facility far in the center of Alaska... and piece by piece, the whole planet... nay, the whole universe is pulled into the soup. I can't even explain how many levels and how deep detail this story has; Truly, AlaskanWolf fooled me to believe he was a professional writer when I read the first chapter. He has very personal style, but once the reader gets into the story, there is no return anymore.

    "Vagabond" by MLR (first chapter; 30 chapters online) (first 29 chapters in one .rtf file)

    Another great story combining mystery, fantasy, scifi and anthropomorphic animal characters. In this story, the reader is given a peek to another world resting alongside a world which is very much like our own. I'm only half-way through the story, but even only the beginning has greatly impressed me. The story is a bit rough on the edges, but MLR informs its just a draft... although, I have difficulties to believe him. This is a story you just can't let go once you start reading it.
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    "The Scribe of the House of Life" by Malin

    The charming story of a young scribe in ancient Egypt who receives advice and friendship from a surprising source when a wandering spirit possesses a small jackal figure he made.
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    Because everyone needs a little Christmas in July.

    "Holly's Jolly Christmas" by Poetigress

    A touching three part tale that shows us a young reindeer who's trying to become a part of Santa's honored team.

    "The Spirit of Christmas" by Vaperfox

    A twelve part story that details a struggling painter who finds himself drawn into a world of wonder and awe because of his loyal sled dog, Gent.
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    In response to this thread, I decided to organize a few previous recommendations and add some new ones.

    "Two Rivers" by Poetigress

    A three part story that was published in the fifth issue of Heat. It's about a lioness named Elana, who learns more about herself and what she wants when the young lioness is chosen to be the fourth wife of Lord Abanu.

    "She Who Wears the Ruby" by Poetigress

    A story about a women whose profession is to satisfy the needs of her anthropomorphic clients, but when an unusual tiger comes to her door, emotion and love begin to complicate her business.

    "Government Issue" by Poetigress

    This was published in the first issue of Heat. It's about lapine soldiers who are used to breed the next generation of fighters, but when two of them fall in love, they begin to dream about what seems like an impossible future together.

    "Don't Blink" by Kyell Gold

    Published in the fourth issue of Heat, it's about a superhero coyote who struggles with love and learning how to use his powers.

    "In Between" by Kyell Gold

    The short story that was later expanded into his novel "Out of Position". It's about a football player who finds himself suddenly caught in the middle when a deceptive fox turns his world upside down.

    "Not Divorced" by foozzzball

    This is part of his San Iadras series. It's an adult story about a woman who marries a genetically engineered mouse, and it shows us the difficulties it causes in their complex marriage. But it also shows us the heated passion it can ignite.

    "Fate Also Smiles", by Wirewolf

    Some stories grab you from the very beginning and keep you reading nonstop till the end. Wirewolf has done that with this elegantly crafted love story about a human and a female fox genemorph. Both have had very troubled and tragic lives, yet no matter how hard they fight it, fate seems to be pushing them closer and closer together.

    And I was going to put a story or two from Xipoid, but he removed them.:)
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    You might want to add that "In Between" was the short story that was later expanded into the novel Out of Position. (At least, that's what I'm told, as I haven't read either.)
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    Just finished reading Todd Sutherland's "Wings" and I can second that it's an excellent story.
  14. That one was fucking sad, I almost cried. ME CRYING!? doesn't happen often.
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    Just finished this one:
    By Murphy Z, the first part of his story, "A Murder in Heaven." It's a detective story with a... twist. Definitely worth a look, although not for the overly pious.
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    "Arrive the Shuffling Mob" by TShaw
    A disturbing tale about furry zombies, and the last line will stick with you for a long time.

    "A Bull in my Apartment" by Metassus
    A five part series detailing the struggles of a bear named Marty after he loses his job.

    "Grind Match" by Slyford
    A short story about high school wrestling, and how someone's personal life can spill over onto the mat.

    "Aphasia" by Takewalker
    A work in progress which gives us a unique and very fascinating writer, who's also unemployed, a chain smoker, and an alcoholic.
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    I have to agree here. Draft or no, it's an impressive piece o' writing. :)
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    "An Open Letter" by pyromancy

    A powerful, yet simple story about a young girl who begins to question God after finding a dead honey bee.

    "And Justice For All" by Metassus

    A dark tale told through the eyes of a compassionate prison guard as he spends time with a morph who has been convicted and sentenced to death for a heinous crime.
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    "On The Wind" by shockwave77598

    A great tale about a scientific minded squirrel named Sag, who questions whether the tree his society lives on is the only tree in existence. But when the governing body of the squirrels threatens Sag with exile for his crazy ideas, he decides to risk his life just to prove them wrong.
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    "Crucible of Deliverance" by Shotgunjim (first chapter, six chapters online)

    A story about a man in a sort of a post-apocalyptic world filled with furries. Yeah, sounds sort of cliche, but the story is written very well. The main character has great suspicions about these alien creatures, but as the story advances, he finds out everything might actually not be as he has believed. A very entertaining and interesting story, if you just can read over the slow beginning. Beginnings aren't Jimbo's strength.

    "Destiny and Desire" by Aetherebus (first chapter, fifteen chapters online)

    A story of fantasy, mystery and a wolf named West. Lots of action, battle, interesting characters, there's a lot going on in the story. West is a sort of an outcast, jack-of-all-trades, man who knows a little about everything but has no one single strength. In this story he is after strong supernatural artifacts called "Movements" and while searching for these things, he has to side with a group of other people and overcome a set of his own personal problems. The part I have read up till now, has been very entertaining and interesting.

    Aetherebus is a very young writer and is yearning for feedback, and in my opinion, he needs more opinions. So far there haven't been but a couple of readers able to give good critique for him. So, reading this story is like killing two birds with one stone: You get entertainment and Aetherebus gets the chance to receive good feedback.
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    It's not a rule, but we try not to recommend our own work :p .
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    Actually, it's rule number one. :)

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