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Discussion in 'Writing and Prose' started by Poetigress, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Nicely said, but do you have anything to add to the list?
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    Does anyone have any reading reccomendations of novels or books that take place during colonial America, I'm writing a fictional paranormal story that takes place partially in colonial Pennsylvania, I read Ben Franklin's autobiography a few years back and that inspired the setting. I'd like to get a little more exposure to the language and mannerisms if that era.
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    The Beastmaster by Andre Norton, this is the first story I can recall reading that had intelligent animals that wasn't a "kiddie" story. It has remained one of my favorite novels and I may forgive Marc Singer for the horrid TV version that had way too little to do with the book...some day.


    Very glad to see Norton mentioned! She also did Cat's Eye which featured sentient animals and the Iron Cage as well. Amazing author.
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    Another, relatively recent book I've read and liked that also contains sapient animals (cats in this case) is Jim Butcher's steampunk novel The Cinder Spires, Book 1: The Aeronaut's Windlass. The audiobook version is narrated quite well and doesn't let you go until the end (though make sure you get a full dump if you use one of those online audiobook sources; I had trouble with that and had to get the text to finish.)
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    :) I am happy to part of this community.

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