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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by UnwieldyRoomba, Mar 24, 2017.

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    In the Art Sales and Auctions sub forum, there are some pinned posts that were made by moderators who either are no longer moderators, or where its been almost a year since "they were last seen," and I'm unsure as how to find out who the new mods are that may (or may not) have taken over certain things. Like there is one pinned post of a list of artists open for commission that said it was supposed to be updated when artists asked to be added, but then when going to the person who wrote the post, they say they are no longer a mod and don't want questions and such regarding threads. So would the post be unpinned, as it doesn't seem to have been updated for while, and just has links to people who had posted their commission threads a while ago? I am also curious in general if there is a way to find out who are mods that tend to be in certain sub forums, I looked through some of the other moderator made pinned posts, and many haven't been on in a long time.
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    This is a revision that's pending. There are quite a few stickied threads that will be getting removed or revised, but it's not entirely settled yet. There will be an announcement when it takes place though.

    As for staff, just go to the Members tab, and click on the Staff Members section for a complete list of board staff. Or, if you have questions on anything specific, you can just send me a conversation message, and I'd be happy to help.
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    Just adding here that you do not want to be sending me PMs about site matters. I most likely will not read them. (Kind of a carryover from mainsite, where I as a matter of policy am not able to handle problems through notes.) If SSJ is happy getting PMs regarding forum matters, that's his prerogative. :)
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    Thank you! I was mostly just curious. :)

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