Reporting a plagiarist.

Discussion in 'Writing and Prose' started by Lazy-Fatboy, Apr 22, 2016.

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    What could you do :/
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    I posted an update about this, linking to the plagiarist's account.

    I got my first warning. I think it's kinda uncool how selective FA is about enforcing it's rules, but whatever.

    Anywho, they basically said they wouldn't take action because I wasn't the original IP owner, and closed the ticket.

    I was working WITH the original IP owners. I could've given them their contact info.

    Even if I didn't, I proved it was plagiarism, and plagiarism is plagiarism.

    So FA is clearly pro-plagiarism, but anti-calling out plagiarists.
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    Some people are just so scummy. Why steal someone's hard work? :|
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  4. Lazy-Fatboy

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    - and more to the point, why is FA refusing to take action against him, actually defending him?

    I logged into FA today, on the art side of things, and noticed I had gotten a first warning there as well, for "harassment".

    An old journal from way back when this was going down got flagged, and now I'm basically getting called a bully.

    Like, shoot- this guy's getting paid for stolen material, and I can't say jack squat about it without having action taken against my account?

    As I said before, FA is oddly selective about which rules they enforce.
  5. Lazy-Fatboy

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    I actually contacted Dragoneer, the site directer, about this. It turns out Dragoneer actually follows this scumbag on Twitter.

    Wonder if this is because of bias among the site's admins?

    I know for a fact this person has not only plagiarized stories, but tried to take credit for other people's commissions.
  6. How do you know the plagiarist and the original author aren't the same person? He's not publishing his REAL NAME, right? It's just a username, like nitroglycerinewaffles, that's actually not my real name, if you can believe it, nor is that the only screen name I have ever used, and in FACT the most amazing thing, when I tried to register for disqus with the name nitroglycerinewaffles, I found it had already been taken! Yes, someone else thought of that name. There are too many damn people on Earth I tell you. So you really have no idea who people are from their usernames, he could be the same person and he might be adapting this story he wrote years earlier to fill a different role. This could be why the original author blocked you too, because you were a pest and got his story taken down. If it's like you said, it's all anonymous and it doesn't involve getting money, what would his motivation be?
  7. Lazy-Fatboy

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    Is this guy for real? :confused:

    *ahem* on the off chance you're not joking, I'd like to establish a few points.

    A: several authors were stolen from. Not just one.

    B: He got paid for the work he stole, and you can get famous (at least within your own niche) for writing fiction.

    C: the original authors and I are in the same community, and we worked together to find all his stolen works.

    D: I can't actually remove anyone's works. I'm not an admin or a moderator. The works that were removed were either the result of DMCAs being lodged, or him realizing he was caught and removing the evidence. In other words, if there weren't any legitimacy to my claims nothing would've come of it.

    The fact that several stories were removed is proof alone that he's guilty as sin.

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