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Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by Nastala, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Nastala

    Nastala nerd

    I'll try to make it similar to that
  2. Nastala

    Nastala nerd

  3. Pipistrele

    Pipistrele Smart batto!

    Draw Charles Barkley making a Chaos Dunk
  4. Nastala

    Nastala nerd

    Interesting idea...
  5. Rimna

    Rimna Far from the madding crowd

    You can make him sort of "meditating" - sitting shirtless on a rock with both his eyes closed(he has a scar running down on his ride side - from the forhead, down through the eye and all the way to the chin), arms and legs crossed, as seen here(pose reference):

    My sona's fur is grey all around, but it has lighter tones on his chest, belly and inner thighs and arms. If you don't feel like doing that, just throw in some random shirt/robe on him as that would work well. He's also quite skinny.

    Thanks for agreeing to do this.
  6. SveltColt

    SveltColt NANI?!?

    I have to say thats a nice reff file you got there
  7. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    Oh, thankies~! ^W^
  8. Nastala

    Nastala nerd

    Sure thing, it'll be a few days before I can start though
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  9. Eleven-lyc

    Eleven-lyc Elder Werewolf

    Aww, your drawings are cute ^o^. Maybe one of a super-shy fennec OC of mine, if he takes your fancy? I have a reference here, but he's pretty open to interpretation. Profile/Bio is here, a little down the page. Anything of him looking wonderfully shy/nervous/awkward/e.t.c., or generally vulnerable, is great!
    It's up to you what you do with him, but if unsure I do have one idea. The idea was one of him sleeping in bed, the “camera” directly above him, looking down on him. Head and arms visible, the rest of him under the covers, laying on his side, the side of his head resting on one of his big fluffy ears like a pillow. His little mouth open slightly, sweetly sleeping >ω<. Up to you though; I'm all for a surprise if you wanna draw him!
  10. Nastala

    Nastala nerd

    I'd love to! Unfortunately I didn't realize how much attention this post would get so I'm a bit backed up at the moment. It could be a while before I get to it
  11. Nastala

    Nastala nerd

    I'm not entirely sure I'd be able to do that without making it look embarrassingly awkward. I could try something else with the same character if you'd like, though
  12. Battle Foxxo

    Battle Foxxo Member

    Pose, I would say something like... he is making a "duel pistol hands" pose with a confident smile, while leaning back. No props, unless you count his hat.
  13. Bedlams

    Bedlams 'Cause sanity is boring

    I'm okay with it looking awkward!
  14. Shoiyo

    Shoiyo The grumpy skunk

    I can't really do anything for an exchange until the spring season, but if you are feeling particularly generous, could I get a shirtless bust of my character, please? <3 <3
  15. Nastala

    Nastala nerd

    Haha I like it
  16. Nastala

    Nastala nerd

    That's okay. I'll get to it when I can. Can you link me to a ref?
  17. It'sBlitz

    It'sBlitz Pilot in training

  18. Shoiyo

    Shoiyo The grumpy skunk

  19. Nastala

    Nastala nerd

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  20. Wesrynvern

    Wesrynvern Member

  21. Nastala

    Nastala nerd

  22. Eleven-lyc

    Eleven-lyc Elder Werewolf

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