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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by jayhusky, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. jayhusky

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    As a long-time user of FA, I am beginning this thread in the hope of requesting the creation of a new sub forum, in which the various coders/tweakers/modders of FA can come and post their content for others to use.

    The driving force behind why I am requesting this, is that there is a growing number of users of the site and forums, who are developing their own scripts/styles and add-ons to develop new features, patch bugs and otherwise offer new functionality to the site, the likes of which FA hasn't implemented themselves.

    However a large majority of the content is scattered around the internet, with no reliable way to determine the good from the malicious.

    So I propose the following;

    - A new sub-forum, called for example "The Labs", in which users can post their content for others to use.

    I do recognise that this may open a possibility for malicious code to be listed, so I have posted below a proposition which, if the sub forum was created, could be implemented.

    In the event the sub-forum was created, the following rules, (could/should) apply
    The list is in no way exhaustive, and serves as a rough base to expand on.

    • All submissions should be hosted at GitHub, UserStyles, GreasyFork or other similar Public repository
    • All submissions should include screenshots and detailed descriptions of the add-on/script/style etc, describing what it does.
    • All new submissions are moderated by forum staff, to prevent flooding the forum with tons of content
    • Submissions should not make heavy use of assets belonging to FA (example, continuous refreshing of a page or extreme numbers of tabs open at one time)
    • Submission threads should have prefixes, such as; "Script","Style","Add-on".

    Not only would this provide a public area for everyone to come and use/comment the content, but it would also provide FA staff with a pool of resources in which they can discover fixes for issues on the site, allowing for faster/more efficient future updates. Which reflects positively on both the staff for a more efficient site, and on the community for being able to actively contribute to bettering the site overall.

    The idea itself is based somewhat on the Weasyl Projects page, but seeks to create a hub where users can pool resources to help make FA better than it has been.

    Leave your thoughts below, I don't expect this to become a reality, but I hope that it can.
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  2. ItsNix

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    This would be cool.
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  3. Abyssalrider

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    <actually took a web design class in high school.
    I think this is a great idea.
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  4. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    Made a quick demo screenshot of how a submission could look.


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