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  1. kidchameleon

    kidchameleon Active Member

    Awww, he looks awesome! Thanks =D
  2. No problem. He was very fun and I enjoyed his story. Keep making more of him! ~<3
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  3. Eleven-lyc

    Eleven-lyc Elder Werewolf

    Your drawings are really sweet ^o^. Would you be interested in drawing a shy fennec? An OC of mine by the name of Kune; <//>. He's a very nervous little guy, and quite vulnerable (there's a couple of other freebies I have of him alongside that reference with adorable poses). I'd love to see a shy and nervous Kune in your style ^^ Doesn't have to be colored or inked; I'm quite partial to sketches

  4. Here is your inked lines of Alex! Sorry for the wait. Hope you enjoy.

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  5. sandslash

    sandslash Drunk Sandslash

    Well I don't have any sfw yet...
  6. AzureKiteUsagi

    AzureKiteUsagi New Member

    Thanks! She looks really cool in your style!! And really? Which fighting game? xD Cause her outfit is based on a video game character, Kite, from the .hack games.
  7. I appreciate the compliment dear! Oh I haven't played but it sounds familiar. It's one of my favorites guilty gear x2. It's such a cool style.
  8. LukaChow

    LukaChow New Member

  9. Hello friend sorry for the wait here is a pencil sketch of your cutie :3 I still will be working on the ink and colors later. Have a good one :3

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  10. Eleven-lyc

    Eleven-lyc Elder Werewolf

    Aww, he looks sweet ^^. Nervous tail holding! Love the way it looks like he's shivering slightly, too. And no worries. Another cutie to add to my collection! Thanks ^^
  11. SoniatheSquishy

    SoniatheSquishy New Member

    I finally got around to finishing her reference image, not sure if Raccoons are diverse enough tho
  12. Glad you like! I really enjoyed drawing him. Thanks for the opportunity :3
  13. Here he is inked! Hope you like my tiny edits :3 thanks for letting me draw him!

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  14. Denji

    Denji Good scaleboye

    Thanks! :)
  15. Here she

    Here she is in ink glory haha. I put it on my fa for some reason this site doesn't load the pictures sometimes. It has Sizing issues. Hope you like it dear. Sorry for it taking a bit longer than I would've liked! (Request 15) Azure Kite Usagi the mini lop rabbit by Marshmellowlovesyou

  16. Here's this cutie in ink!

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  17. JamesOtters

    JamesOtters A small, cute, but helpless otter.

    Hello! Is this still open? If so, I would love it you could take my drawing skills and draw my fursona, James. Thank you!
    Otter rain.jpg
    I have more information in my signature. Thank you!
  18. IzzyPop

    IzzyPop Collector of Femboys

    Is this still open? Your art is precious!

  19. Here is your cutie inked! I loved drawing him! He's so cute Thanks again for letting me draw him!

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  20. Battle Foxxo

    Battle Foxxo Member

    Can you do something with mine? I was thinking of something silly, or relaxed.

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  21. Bedlams

    Bedlams 'Cause sanity is boring

    Hello! This is Bedlams. Thanks!
  22. Velo_Artwork

    Velo_Artwork Member

    Are you still interested in a character?
    Might a bit different since feral, but still canine...

  23. SveltColt

    SveltColt Well-Known Member

    if you are still doing this can you do me?
    Wolf.jpg IMG_0275.PNG
  24. Eleven-lyc

    Eleven-lyc Elder Werewolf

    Hmm, he's definitely somewhere he isn't supposed to be. Naughty Kuneā€¦ Thanks :3 Glad you had fun drawing him! And you're welcome ^^

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