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  3. Tlacamela

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    It seems that you are still willing to do more requests, so maybe you could draw one of my characters?

    Namely, my chandelure girl.
  4. Rimna

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  5. Mew2MewTwo

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    Can't hurt to post this.
    Visual ref:
    Text ref: It's basically a chimera of sorts. It has a ram's head and horns, but the rest of its body is more like a large cat's/lion's. It is female, maybe even a hermaphrodite. It has a curvy torso with D-cup size breasts. It isn't fat, but its arms and legs are larger--perhaps even muscular--than normal. It has a long wolf tail, colored grey. It has shoulder-length dirty blonde/tan hair. It has standard digitigrade legs, with three toes on each foot. Its hands are more like wolf paws. As for clothing, it is wearing a solid blue kimono. It has sandals on its feet and a bracelet on its right wrist. It wears a circlet/ring around the top of its head.
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    It isn't really working
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    I would love to have something of my demon character. Just the helmet is black tho.

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  9. It'sBlitz

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    Well if you're still open, here's my ref. go wild.
  10. Fenrir Likan

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    I don't have a ref pic, would a written description be of any help?
  11. Foenixblood

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    Could you do something for my character if you are still open, something like what you did with OneBitterArtist with the character holding a sign with their name on it

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  12. Mew2MewTwo

    Mew2MewTwo Yard yare daze....

  13. I can’t promise it will be exact sometimes my comprehension skills are a bit hard with written description but I will do my best!
  14. Fenrir Likan

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    K, thanks!

    She's black with a white stomach and red stripes on her back and tail. She's a wolf. She has a stud and hoop in one ear. She's an anthro. She wears a short, baby blue prom style dress. Her eyes are white. She has some scruff on the sides of her face. She has short, white hair covering her left eye. She also wears a spike set (wrist and collar). Her top canines show a bit. She's about 5'9". Her tail is extremely fluffy. She's thin but healthy. She's also quite strong.

    Thanks again!!

  15. I loved drawing her! Thanks for being patient with me!

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  16. wolvykasu

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    maybe you would like to try Shark
    a bit more for inspiration:

    Name : Shark
    Gender : Female
    master : Castiel
    race : Australian sherped

    Personality :
    Shark is a bit goofy, but since she's always listening her daddy Castiel, she tend to simply follow him wagging happily her tail. She have so much eyes for him that she tend to ignore other dogs, but if she get the ok, she will try to play with other canines. She really is sporty, so she tend to run a lot.
    Since she's always with Castiel since she is a puppy, Shark get easily jealous and will sometimes try to get his master's attention or get litteraly between him and you.

    Random facts:
    - she know a lot of tricks... a brilliant dog
    - Her name was given due to her way to drink liquids... she still bite water instead of slurping.
    - love fish n chips even if she is not supposed to eat this.
    - harmless until you hit Castiel. Seriously you could hit HER that she'll just whin,
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