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    You have no idea how fun this video is. And that on Social Justice. Hell, his bawks/rants in general are awesome.

    He fucking hits the nail on the head. Again. In a hilarious way.
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    Welp, I just fail to see a meaningful argument yet, mainly because I still haven't got a good proof that all/most antifa groups are bad (something I specifically asked for - to cite more than particular 3-4 groups), and you ranted out on Brighton Antifascists without, again, properly researching their statements on use of violence (which is kind of mentioned in several of their blog submissions - "direct confrontation" isn't a funny word for "beating folks in the face" here), so, eh, I'm not convinced. Again, aforementioned sources are either mention antifa as some kind of global movement, which is kind of biased by default, or, again, talk about same exact groups doing all the crap.

    As for neo-nazi parades, it's veeeeeeeery shady - such behavior basically borders on harassment, so it's not unusual for such parades to be eventually shut down by police in their mid-run. And again, are you justifying harassment of war veterans and holocaust survivors as long as it technically follows the law? Just a good moral question for ya.

    Either way, I consider this topic a bit too toxic and pointless, and I didn't really want to participate in it that much in the first place, mainly because I don't see how anti-fascist movements and politic events are related to some con being cancelled .з. You should slow down a bit on using every thread to spread your political views - I mean, nothing personal against you, but people come here to discuss the topic in title, not "listening and understanding what views you have" :D
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    ^ ANTIFA in a nutshell. Welcome to ANTIFA.

    The truth hurts.

    And that will be my final post on the subject. This trash isn't worth wasting anymore time on.
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    Find it comical that the "Antifascist" Groups are.... exactly the opposite of what they proclaim to be. That, by definition, makes them all completely stupid.
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    Well, I've often said that extremists of any type resemble each other more than they do the moderates on their own "side."

    RMFC's demise was due to a perfect storm of multiple contributing factors. The Raiders need to be held accountable for their part, the convention for theirs, and some of the anti-Raiders for theirs. Hell, even onlookers might be might share some portion of the blame for not takinga a stronger stand against certain behaviors early on. If one of these parties had actually done the right thing in their case, we might've seen a different outcome.

    If particular Raiders didn't think it was "cute" to "troll" people using racist and/or obnoxious rhetoric and wink-wink allusions to Neo-Nazism; if they had answered people's questions about their philosophy and agenda honestly and clearly; if they'd responded earnestly to people's concerns about the armbands; if they hadn't openly harassed people online and IRL; and if they hadn't monopolized that room block at RMFC last year, people wouldn't be so angry with them.

    If the seemingly-well-intentioned Raiders had dealt with maybe the three or so people who always seem to be at the center of the drama-storm instead of sticking their heads in the sand, maybe the Raiders would've been able to salvage their reputation before it was set in stone.

    If anti-Raiders had taken a deep breath, compiled a list of specific grievances with specific Raiders, and had come up with a plan for dealing with those specific people that didn't involve bragging about "punching Nazis" or actually trying to get physical with Raiders at gatherings, maybe things wouldn't have gone on security high alert.

    If people took a more nuanced view of the Raiders and what drives them, maybe we would've been able to formulate a strategy for dealing with them that wouldn't have resulted in trolls being fed, drama llamas getting to play the martyr, and the embarrassing "Nazis take over a furry convention" headline being blasted all over the global news.

    If Raider sympathizers had calmed their tits instead of getting physical with anti-Raiders and/or automatically threatening to shoot, punch, or assault people, again, maybe we could've avoided a freakout over impending violence.

    (Especially in this current political climate, I'd say everybody needs to cool it with the threats of violence.)

    The writing on the wall emerged a long time ago, and the con just seemed really reluctant to actually confront the whole issue and draw definitive lines in the sand until it was too late--and then, one dude decided to take matters into his own hands without consulting anyone else, and the rest is history. (Then, we have the whole side story around their tax situation, which has turned into another he-said she-said debate.)

    But, on a brighter note, at least this allowed the Boozy Barrister to discover the fandom, and his blog and Twitter account have been a lantern unto the darkness.
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    I would like to spray the raiders.
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    "Once again, the only reason people think the Furry Raiders are nazis is because of their choice of organization badge that they stick on black jackets. That is the entire root, that then escalated with no further evidence. No talk of antisemitism has been heard, no mention of a "master race," and no elitism has been observed outside of wanting to help their fellow fur."

    I've yet to see any actual evidence that the Furry Raiders themselves have said they actually are neo-Nazis. Calling someone a Nazi doesn't make them one, no matter how many times you say it.

    And even if they were neo-Nazis: Who cares? They have as much right to be and call themselves Furries the same way everyone else have.

    This is basically pointless drama and attempting to call someone something that there is NO evidence of actually being fact.

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    Oh, enough with the Raiders already--that's been done to death. For the record, I think it's unhelpful and inaccurate to just call the group "Nazis," and doubly unproductive to keep fighting over what to call them, when what actually matters is how specific individuals are behaving, and how we should confront that behavior. People have seemingly forgotten that you can call out bad attitudes or toxic behavior without calling someone a "Nazi," and that there are other types of obnoxious, toxic, or evil people in the world besides just Nazis.

    So, enough of that. I'm attempting a topic switch here.

    I posted that article because the information about Scorch and Kuhari really rang my alarm bells.

    That housemeet invite is creepy.
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    i support foxler there is no politics in the furry fandom god save the yiff .

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