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Discussion in 'Technology Talk' started by FerretXing, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. FerretXing

    FerretXing Member

    So it seems that furries here talk mostly about software things. I was wondering if there are some people that have studied Robotics or just do DIY electronics stuff for fun.
  2. Caecus

    Caecus My goals have no limits!

    I know pretty much from computer hardware, a little from electronics, and I probably will go study robotics in future.
  3. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru No "Awooo'ing" allowed

    Robotics are a lot of fun. New discoveries every year.

    Won't be long until we get maid robots:
    And if we get them, I will be at the front of the queue to get one. :3
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  4. FerretXing

    FerretXing Member

    It's possible to build one, just very expensive and there are yet two big problems, a power source and the AI.
  5. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru No "Awooo'ing" allowed

    I know. The AI programming today is kinda crap.

    Which is why I stated "and if we get them".
  6. FerretXing

    FerretXing Member

  7. Huffy

    Huffy Member

    Well I love mettaton...does that count?
  8. Vitaly

    Vitaly Guest

    Im a bachelor in mechatronic and robotics and I like all sorts of things related with robots and automation.

    To bad it doesnt actually helps me in real life.

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