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    chiz romandoge

    this is my oc, volta. he is a roman dog. i like playing as him, just look at him, he's got bling. he is a roman centurion who has seen war and battle, he has earned medals, which proudly is presented on top of his armour. hes a nice person though. a romantic who loves snuggles and drinking wine, as a civilized Roman would. cider is okay too.

    (Centurion. Arminus Lucelius Volta. — Weasyl

    this could be a fantasy adventure action rp.

    (or anything else that would fit a roman meeting your oc. doesnt have to be action or adventure oriented at all)

    but it could also be your "alien" character coming to the planet and gaving to join up with volta. im up for most things, nsfw stuff and romance included, but the setting has to be something where a roman would fit.

    your character can be male, female, big strong, smol, or whatever. as long as we can have fun with it!

    best way to get a hold of me is to add me on

    skype: felix_karlstrom
    telegram : @smokey_gamingse
    discord: volta#0792

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