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    So, long story short. A few friends and I had the intent on going to FAU together. One had to back out for unknown reasons, another had sudden family crisis to assist with and that leaves two of us on a room alone. Two beds, two people right? Sounds great! Yea, well, the cost essentially doubled for the both of us and now we are hoping someone in a similar situation can help out, while we do the same for them!

    I do already have the rooms booked. I do drink, and plan to have a good time, though I can happily keep the party out of the room if one starts for the sake of those that desire a good night's sleep. I would however like notice ASAP if you are interested that way we can talk a bit, figure out if we can work and agree with each other for the length of the weekend. Thank you all who read this and show interest. While I will be checking back, the quickest way to contact me is through skype at rurik.carpenter or discord at Rurik#0789

    Edit: Realize I may have left out some important details.
    The hotel would be:
    Hyatt Regency Dulles
    2300 Dulles Corner Blvd
    Herndon, VA 20171
    Room per night stay is $99 for one or two people, +$10 per person per night over. This would be split the 3 or 4 ways if anyone joins us. Our plan is to have the room for three nights. Showing up the 12th before the con begins and leaving the morning of the 15th. No one is required to stay all three nights with us if they do not desire. Any help is a blessing.
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