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Discussion in 'The Tavern (RP Discussion)' started by Dragoneer, Feb 12, 2016.

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  1. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    1) The Forum Code of Conduct applies to all Tavern threads.

    2) Keep discussion polite, civil, and respectful towards your fellow RP’rs.

    3) Keep RP and requests for RP limited to PG-13. Adult RP is not currently permitted. You may advertise you are seeking Adult RP, but please do not include the Adult details in the post, and please conduct the RP in private.

    4) Do not portray another user’s character in RP without their consent. This is treated as harassment.

    5) Do not enter roleplay threads without permission, unless the roleplay is specifically meant to be for open participation. This is treated as thread derailment.
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  2. Grandpriest

    Grandpriest Whatever ...

    "Keep RP limited to PG-13. Adult RP is not currently permitted."

    That's a good way to keep this part of the forum a ghost town.
    Seriously, it's not going to go anywhere with that restriction. If you want this part of the forum to have some activity, make the adult RPs allowed. Just have the area limited to those 18+, just like the main site. That shouldn't be too hard, at all.
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  3. Croconaw

    Croconaw #1 Most Requested Croconaw

    A gentle reminder that a person who posts constructive feedback and genuine inquiry in regards to an RP request is not them being an idiot, but rather a person that's trying to bring about clarity.
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  4. Ozriel

    Ozriel Inglorious Bastard

    I think it is a bad idea to alow them here on the forums just because this section isn't age locked and it keeps people from getting in trouble for erping with minors.
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  5. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri

    Grandpriest did actually suggest an age locked area in his comment. I presume that the site's owners intend to create such an area because they used the word 'currently' in the opening post.
  6. Kajm

    Kajm New Member

    Well, that being the case, do as I did, and have potential players note you in your FA account. I'd prefer to keep mine there. Especially since trolls seem to hang out here, I had to deal with two already :p
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  7. Kajm

    Kajm New Member

    Croconaw, the first person came along to say nothing for several comments and then leave with an insult. The other person came to compare furries to Pakistanis. I don't believe either one of them was in the slightest interested in bringing clarity :p
  8. Ozriel

    Ozriel Inglorious Bastard

    Just becuase someone critiques your op or your rp character does not make them a troll. Even if you did not like their reply, its childish to demean someone just because they called out your oc as a godmodder.
  9. Ozriel

    Ozriel Inglorious Bastard

    If they do, then they'd have to police it heavily since adults sexting minors in the US is just as bad as touching a kid inappropriately in public. :V
  10. Kajm

    Kajm New Member

    *lol* You have Zero clue what they said, and NO, they did not. If you bothered to stop by and read the stories I have written you would see what he is. But you won't try.

    Further: the first person who came along had NOTHING to offer, and threw an idiotic article at me which had nothing to do with the fictional character we are talking about.
    The second person made a racist remark about Pakistanis.

    Yes, they were trolls.
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  11. Ozriel

    Ozriel Inglorious Bastard

    You have a very myopic view on what trolls are. *tssk*
    I know both of them, and yes one of the posters made a silly remark, but not in the least bit racist. A droll comparison, perhaps.

    Yes, I have read your work just to burn time, and I cannot say that I was impressed by it in the least. Then again, not the worst thing I have read on the site.
  12. Ozriel

    Ozriel Inglorious Bastard

    And I saw the posts and screencaps of them on another site.
  13. Croconaw

    Croconaw #1 Most Requested Croconaw

    You even godmod arguments. :(

    And I read your stories on the main site and all I can say is eh.... But hey, everyone on here is here to improve, so I respect that you may have a thing or two or three or four to work on in regards to writing. Turning your back on legitimate critique is no way to advance as a writer.
  14. SSJ3Mewtwo

    SSJ3Mewtwo Moderator Staff Member

    Yo, the three of you, please take your discussion into the relevant thread, not the RP Rules and Policies.
  15. Kajm

    Kajm New Member

    My apologies SSJ3. It was a mistake to make a comment complaining about such people, and such people began to show up right and left to prove my point. Sorry for bringing such people to this thread.
  16. Grandpriest

    Grandpriest Whatever ...

    You'd be surprised about how often minors are involved in sexting situations.
    Let's just say there's plenty of people who lie about their age to get to the naked stuff sooner than they are lawfully able.

    Unless they actually tell their partner(s) their real age, the partner(s) involved hold no responsibility, since they would be under the protection of the 18+ restriction that passively tells them that their partner(s) happen to be of the adult age.
  17. Moderator-Gazelle

    Moderator-Gazelle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    This topic is going a bit off the rails, so I will be closin' it now <3
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