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    See this: "Keep the forums "Work Safe" - PG-13 is used to describe this but nudity, overly graphic for example is a no. This requirement includes stories, avatars, and signatures. As a rule of thumb, if you (either you personally or normal users) would not want your mother or a child seeing or reading something, it's PG-13 at minimum."

    Those are forum rules. So keep that in mind when you seek to post a thread here in the S&S. That means keep these threads clean folks. Threads asking about "How do I put a sheath into my costume" or "How do I clean semen off my suit" does not belong here. So if you make a more than PG-13 thread it's an auto-lock and an instant infraction. Make my job easier. Keep it clean.

    Also worth taking into consideration that while we are all open to giving and receiving suggestions, there are some suggestions that get shot down immediately. There are some ideas out there that are tried and true time-wasters, money wasters, or just plain dangerous. If you are found making these kinds of suggestions you will be warned to not make such a suggestion again privately. If you continue to push the idea you will get infraction points for it. This is a place for suggestions, not to troll people with stupidity. So keep please keep it it intelligent. If you don't know what has been ousted as a usable material there is a sticky that has all sorts of good information. Look through the stickies. They all have wonderful information.

    See this:
    It's a link to the Black Market. If you are looking to buy or sell go there.
    If you want a list of people who can sell their services in costume making to you go here to this already existing sticky:

    The same place has a list of useful links for tutorials and costume making materials. Please, please please, for the love of everything murry purry and rainbow vomit cut down on redundant threads by going there first. Check it out. Then if you don't find an answer to what you need there post a thread here in the S&S.

    For clarification it is at the discretion of the moderators on the site to choose to forbid discussion of using materials that are known to be dangerous. Threads may be closed if a user either insists on advice for using something that is dangerous and or deadly. Currently using real fur(for a significant amount of a fur-suit), and paper-craft are the top two that will get threads locked immediately. This is for the safety of the user/users as we don't want people trying ideas that are known to be dangerous and hazardous to your health.
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