Saddest songs you know

Discussion in 'Music and Audio' started by Glider, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Mr.Foox

    Mr.Foox Daddy Fooxy

    Haha x3 those where some...interesting times. owo
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  2. DuranWolf

    DuranWolf Youngish greymuzzle

    Gone Away -The Offspring
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  3. Guilleum2

    Guilleum2 Works too hard

    What Sarah Said by Deathcab for Cutie. Makes me want to die every time.
  4. Karatine

    Karatine Call me kittteeeehhhh

    I remember listening to this song while I was still grief-stricken about losing my dog ;(
  5. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru Mein Gott

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  6. Inpw

    Inpw Roller Coaster Imagineer.

    Lightning crashes - Live
  7. Xaroin

    Xaroin Sprsh

    I don't know if anybody posted this one yet
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  8. Sarachaga

    Sarachaga You gain Brouzouf

    Wait! I didn't see the sounds of silence here, that's a first :p
  9. nerdbat

    nerdbat Green butt of reason

    Majority of Modest Mouse output (at least the top-tier albums), "Moon & Antarctica" in particular. There are many sappy/sad/angsty bands out here, but it's one of the few that perfectly captures the feeling of loneliness and isolation. Not in the sense of "Imma so sad I need a girlfriend", but existential/cosmic loneliness - philosophical lyrics about humankind being a mere blip on Universe's radar and how individual people are doomed to be alone with their actual feelings, depressing and minimalistic instrumentals to boot. In other words, they don't sing about stuff that makes them feel empty inside as much as about unpleasant and complex concerns that will make you feel empty inside after letting it sink in. If you want to cry yourself to sleep for some reason or the other, then you might want to check the guys out.
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  10. nerdbat

    nerdbat Green butt of reason

    Ah, how could I forget this one c: From Russian cult art-rock band - sounds very cheesy on surface (if a bit haunting), but in actuality it's about already depressed person who got stuck in a "groundhog day loop" at New Year's Eve, living through the same day for half a year (and being the only person who's aware of it), and getting ready to kill himself, because he doesn't want to see same happy faces every day for the rest of his life. Because, you know, happy holidays and stuff!
  11. Vanilla Zero

    Vanilla Zero a dead sinking story

    Neo-classical and ambient, but absolutely immense.. makes my eyes watery almost every time I listen to it.

  12. TheRealKingKoopa

    TheRealKingKoopa Pixel Junkie

    Kendrick is pretty good at this stuff, but this song definitely got the strongest reaction out of me.
  13. Okami_No_Heishi

    Okami_No_Heishi Very Happily Married For 16 And A Half Years

  14. Nekomura

    Nekomura Blue Flame Bakeneko

  15. ScarClaw

    ScarClaw Scar

  16. Beatle9

    Beatle9 Asexual coywolf and amateur writer.

    On a Real Good Day, by Robbie Fulks

    I'm not usually a fan of country, but this song is so sincere. It's the kind of song I'd probably use at the end of an episode of a TV show where a popular character is written out (not necessarily killed off though).
    "Though I'm not happy, I can pretend, on a real good day." That lyric just really gets to me.
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  17. DusterBluepaw

    DusterBluepaw [creative custom title]

    This is probably the saddest song i know, well its more poetry with Albinoni adagio in g minor played by the doors, its from the album american prayer, a collection of Jim Morrisons poetry with the band playing music over it, it was meant to be spoken word but it got released after Jim passed, the song always reminds me of my mum coz she loved jim, and if i was old enough to know i would have made sure this was played at my mums funeral.

    Even if you are not a fan of poetry, i suggest you give the album a listen, its very fascinating.
  18. reptile logic

    reptile logic An imposter among aliens.

    Cat's in the Cradle, Harry Chapin. It holds more meaning for me than I will often admit.
  19. Yvvki

    Yvvki Sassy lesser panda.

    It's more the entire video, so you need to watch it. It's sad for personal reasons. ;v;

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