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Discussion in 'Tutorials and Critiques' started by Samandriel Morningstar, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. Samandriel Morningstar

    Samandriel Morningstar The Morningstar

    So I'm trying new stuff out.
    Any helpful suggestions/comments/etc. are welcome as are praise but please just don't say 'looking great!' or whatever and move on.
    I mean I appreciate praise but I'd rather have something to work from as well if that makes sense.
    I also don't like to look through tutorials unless it's something that I honest to god can't figure out or it's something really new to me.
    [This is not a request thread,so please don't post requests here.]
    So yeah.
    Here's today's stuff.


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  2. Drayx

    Drayx Active Member

    Hi Sam!
    Hard to say without any specific question or insights to your drawing process, mainly:
    What are your tools? - mouse/ tablet/ sketching and scanning?
    What kind of software do you use?
    what is the main thing you want to improve in your art? art is an endless practice...

    Anyway, I'll try to give some tips with positive attitude:
    Try to improve the 3D feeling of the characters- usually the best way is to work on sketches and the skeleton of the character. Go back to some non digital methods, pencil is the best tool.
    Work out the thickness of yours lines - exercise using different thickness (usually the contour lines should be stronger) and try to draw them manually.
    Stop drawing the side of their face, maybe it is easier that way right now, but you should try all the different angles, or you'll be stuck with one pose in the future.
    If you want to add shade to the drawings, use the right software, make hard and/or soft shades. If you want to improve flat coloring - drop the shadows.

    Keep on the hard work and you'll see improvement!
    Tip the hat.
  3. Samandriel Morningstar

    Samandriel Morningstar The Morningstar

    Oh I totally forgot to include the program I use,sorry about that.
    I use firealpaca with my Wacom Bamboo tablet.
    I was told I do a lot of the same thing,basically what I'm comfortable with which is doing side facing headshots and feral art.
    [What's funny is,I used to be fucking terrible at profile shots and now that's all I seem to be able to do. Lol. >_< ]
    I've been trying to fix my lines,I've got Firealpaca on the highest level for stabilizing otherwise they'd be pretty chicken scratch but I understand what you mean,not all once size of line.
    I was actually told to start adding shadows to my art,that's why I've been doing that and recently I was told to do darker shadowing.
    I guess it's just preference from person to person,but I'll try doing some more stuff without any hard shadowing like I usually do.
    Firealpaca doesn't offering blending,and there's really no sure fire way to properly do it..I've tried tutorials on that and I can't seem to find one that works or isn't just some kid playing with the blur tool.
    I'll have to work on front shots,I know the one trick wonder side views of the face can get kinda old after a while. >_<;
    It's nearly 6am and I haven't slept yet,so I'm sorry if I'm all over the place right now.
    But thank you for the advice I'll take what you said into account and try and start some new stuff with my work.

    Here's another picture I did,one of those 'draw it again' challenges.
    [I did this before I knew you replied,so sorry if nothing you spoke about is taken to account in this.]

  4. Samandriel Morningstar

    Samandriel Morningstar The Morningstar

    Just finished this.


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