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  1. Wolfblade

    Wolfblade Member

    Why is it not working/when will it be working/why can't it be working now?

    The answer given thus far is that the Search Function was responsible for an incredible amount of the drain on FurAffinity's resources, and it was disabled to improve the overall function of the site.

    With the current active incarnation of Fur Affinity's site code, restoring the search feature without the significant resource drain and loss of functionality is a task that would require so much work on the code, with so much chance of destabilizing other system functions, as to be impractical to try and implement.

    We presently only have one coder working on the current active code. The rest of our coding team are all diligently working on Ferrox, a new site code built from the ground up that will eventually replace the current site, and hopefully address at least a majority of all the long-standing issues users have had with the Fur Affinity service.

    Short version:

    Ferrox will have Search.

    The currently active site is very very unlikely to ever have search enabled because it made everything slow and crappy.
  2. Ashkihyena

    Ashkihyena Back off man, I'm a scientist

    Then they need to get working on would certainly be nice, but, that probably isn't going to happen, is it?
  3. Wolfblade

    Wolfblade Member

    If you'd read the above post, you would have seen that "now" is certainly not going to happen.

    Ferrox is being worked on. It will be released when it is ready to be released, and no sooner. The purpose of writing an entirely new site code from scratch is to once and for all rid the community of the bugs and functionality issues of the current site code, which had been put together rather quickly in response to the migration away from Sheezy Art, and all things considered, has managed to hold up better than it probably should have, dude to the efforts of our coders.

    Complaining about lack of search will not get anything done about it any sooner as the >volunteers< who are doing this for us are already working as fast as they can (without just being sloppy and half-assed), and giving as much of their spare time >for free< as they can manage.

    So again, as the first post said:

    The current site is VERY unlikely to have search enabled, but Ferrox will have search, and Ferrox will be ready when it is ready.
  4. Arshes Nei

    Arshes Nei Masticates in Public

    I wouldn't bother with the above poster Wolfblade, he's always been harassing yak over it too.
  5. yak

    yak Administrator Staff Member

    And i love it. I've always got a bag of cookies for Ashki.

    Their behavior is that one thing you can rest assured will never change, and that brings comfort in the whirlpool of daily life; having a solid anchor and all. *kittyface*
  6. Microsoftt

    Microsoftt Member

    This reminds me of the time when BioWare said Jade Empire for PC would be finished when it's finished and got heavy criticism once it was released for being "way too freaking long of a wait".
  7. Eevee

    Eevee Banned

    Your snarkiness has made me see the light! Hallelujah! I will drop the entire rest of my life to go code your furry porn hoster app.
  8. Aden

    Aden Play from your ****ing HEART

    It'll be here juuuust after Duke Nukem Forever.

  9. Ashkihyena

    Ashkihyena Back off man, I'm a scientist

    What can I say, when a site thats run by a bunch of assmunches *cough*Y!G*cough* has a search and such, and one thats run but a bunch of decent people don't, I tend to get a little irrated.
  10. Oni

    Oni Member

    I wonder if Deviant Art has open source code...*eye rolls* he he he.
  11. Ashkihyena

    Ashkihyena Back off man, I'm a scientist

    Well, if they did, wouldn't surprise me if they acted the way the moderators/admins at Y!G did, like asses about it.
  12. Eevee

    Eevee Banned

    Yeah. It sucks.

    Turns out, though, that assmunches tend to have more time on their hands, what with nobody wanting to talk to them.

    This would not help in the slightest.
  13. Oni

    Oni Member

    It wasn't to be helpful, it was a cynical remark. I just noticed similarities between two things. I guess a general page layout is something which cannot be copywrited(not a real word).
  14. Ashkihyena

    Ashkihyena Back off man, I'm a scientist

    It'd still be nice to see the search back, but somehow, I doubt this so called Ferrox update will ever arrive in my lifetime. It'd be nice if it did happen, but, with just /one/ coder on it, something tells me it won't.

    And honestly, when it gets released when it gets released just isn't good enough. At least with Ghostbusters, I have a set date, with this, not so much.
  15. Nightingalle

    Nightingalle Member

    How about you read the first post in the thread?

    One coder on the current code on the site you use for free. And the REST of them are working diligently on Ferrox.
  16. codewolf

    codewolf RBW Con Staff

    may i ask, ashkihyena, how much knowledge of code you have?? especially web development languages??

    if you have a reasonable amount: then why not offer to'll get done faster then,

    if you know a little: then you will know how long it takes to program a site like furaffinity.

    if you dont know any: then shut up, sit your ass down somewhere away from a computer if need be, and be bloody greatful that this site is here for your use, FOR FREE, and that the coding team is updating it in their own free time, out of their own knowledge, for the likes of you.
  17. Vore Writer

    Vore Writer Dog faced God

    Can people please give the coders a break and cut them a lot of slack, or is that asking to much?
  18. Eevee

    Eevee Banned

    Do you actually give a flying rat's ass if it's ever finished, or have you just not met your whining quota this week? I really cannot comprehend how telling me I will never finish something is going to make me go any faster. "Oh gosh golly gee I'd better quit my job and work full-time to prove this guy on the Internet wrong!"

    How will picking a date at random make it actually come any faster? We have a handful of people working in their spare time for free. This is not the sort of environment that produces accurate release dates.

    Here: December 21, 2012. Will that work?
  19. Ashkihyena

    Ashkihyena Back off man, I'm a scientist

    At least that'd be decent, but, we'll see what happens come next year, now won't we? And yes, I do, cause I'd like to have a site that has a search, where stuff isn't banned the way that Y!G banned it.
  20. Wolfblade

    Wolfblade Member

    You know, most websites (even the ones that do have search) make it a habit of banning users who harass their staff to the point of causing them to lose all patience with you, as you have done with our coders.

    So rather than complain about the missing search feature, perhaps instead be grateful that we also lack the ban-people-who-complain-for-the-sake-of-complaining feature.

    In any event, this thread had been meant just as a notice, and not discussion (since, as noted, there isn't anything to discuss at this point), so, thread locked.
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