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    Welcome one and all!

    My name is Amy, and I'm looking for a partner for something of a romance rp! I'm not looking for a lot, and considering I'll be moving in a few days, I may not be able to do a whole lot myself; but I still want something to look forward to.

    Below, I'll place a form for you to fill out! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    Preferred Name:
    Character Name:
    Character Species:
    Character Gender:
    Character Sexuality: (I can work around this.)
    Character Appearance: (I prefer a visual, but will allow descriptions in so long as they are detailed.)
    Ideas: (Optional.)
    Rating Preferences:


    Preferred Name: Amy, Max, or whatever nickname you wanna give me as long as I recognize it's me lol-
    Pronouns: She/They
    Character Name: Emil / Emily
    Character Species: Siamese Cat
    Character Gender: Male; I'm flexible, so whatever gender you prefer.
    Character Sexuality: Pan
    Character Appearance: (Yes, I did doodle this for this thread.)[​IMG]
    For those who prefer written: A small, lean anthropomorphic siamese cat with short, soft fur and markings typical of their species. They have wavy hair, originally brown and dyed a reddish pink, with a single braid along the right side of their face. They appear relatively androgynous, though their features suggest femininity. They can be seen wearing what appears to be a black tanktop, shorts, and leggings.

    • Classmates/Project Partners/New Kid/General School AU Bcus I'm Weak?
    • ???
    Rating Preferences: I'm open to anything on the "rainbows" to "popping eyes with their own bones" gore range. I am open to anything from "first kiss", "suggestive moments", and "fade to black" on the explicit range.
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    Hi there. Is this rp still open?

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