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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Ketren, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Ketren

    Ketren Member

    I know it's considered rude to compare one site to another, but I like how Inkbunny lets you decide whether to follow an artist personally or follow their work- or both! Suppose I find someone who I feel I could be friends with, but for whatever reason, don't care for their artwork?

    Here on FA there's only one option- "Watch this artist; receive notices for anything they post". What if, instead, I could choose what to be notified for? i.e. "Let me know when this user posts a new journal; don't bother telling me about new art from them"?

    Feel free to reply saying how feasible this is, coding-wise, and whether it's just a bad idea generally.
  2. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    Actually, this is an idea we quite like, and we've discussed it some behind-the-scenes. The idea also extends to "friends" and "content moderators". So, you could potentially set someone as a friend or even given someone controls to modify your submissions (such as improving/curating tags, or posting journals). This would work well especially for groups accounts.

    The base idea of a "watcher" vs "friend" is pretty much no different than a social circle, but it's something we've talked about. It's not something we have on the immediate radar (there's a few more important things higher up on the list we want to tackle first).
  3. That would actually be really nice, I watch people who are friends, but all they draw is porn, and I don't like it personally. So to keep them but not see their submissions would be nice :3

    On DA you can click boxes to customize if you want to see submissions, journals, etc. I don't know if that's harder to do but just thought I'd throw it in here.
  4. CostaRic

    CostaRic Member

    This, we really need this XD
  5. Ketren

    Ketren Member

    Very glad to have the Administrator himself chime in.
  6. Uluri

    Uluri Lord of Potatoes

    I'd like having a friends feature. Currently to keep track of people I want to have quick access to, I have a journal I keep for myself linking everyone, but it would very nice to have an actual place for friends list.

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