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    I'm sure most of you know about SHL, if not, here's a link:

    Anyway, I wanted to note that, for a while, beta was running and we had many players at the time. It's now out of beta and is in somewhat of a 'full' production. Yes, some of you BETA's that WERE on there, (Even if it was like only for a week you played), whatever your name was on it, you'll get lvl cookies to bring your level back. Yes, they had to delete the inventory and reset the server pretty much, but, you can still return and put yourself back to lvl but keep in mind, you'll have to redo most of the quest's that you did. But, if you were a higher lvl, it might even help cause you can save the lvl cookies. Anyway, basically what I'm trying to do is at least get the word out and spread on forums to try this game out, even if your just "wondering" what it is, try it. For you Secondlife users, It might be something you can get away from for being so "bored" all the time. I won't explain the game, or...well, I think it'll make you NOT want to try it. :p
    Let's just say, it's a MMORPG type of game, yes, furry related. So, if your into RPG's, this game might be for you. (Or those who play *cough* dare I say it? W.o.W.) Well, hope you try this out, it's pretty fun and there's also more things to come of it later in the future. For now, just try it and see what you think. Norin is the game developer & GM, and Peepers is also a GM. So if you need to speak with them, they'll be online sometimes if you need any help or have questions. Welp, I'm out.

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    It is an awesome game. Too bad so few play it.
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    I do suggest branching out to other more popular forums because here is a pretty small community, so you wont get much more popularity here.
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    Yeah the game doesnt even launch sooo yeah :/

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