Show me your art improvement!

Discussion in 'Art and Illustration' started by ruruscube, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Activoid

    Activoid Ace Artist

    This looks like a fun thread! I'm new and wanted to see everyone's improvement, and share some of my own. :U

    First one is from like 2010, second one I painted last week. Though to be fair they are different mediums, first one is digital and second is acrylic, but other than painting the same type of seadragon... I should rework more old pictures...
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  2. Julen

    Julen ✮ Banter Squad Member ✮

    Why so?
  3. Andromedahl

    Andromedahl Unlicensed UFO Pilot

    You went from something that looks like a doodle in a 7th grader's sketch book to something with a sense of style and color while also upping your knowledge of anatomy; essentially you're learning really quick and that's impressive
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  4. Yvvki

    Yvvki Sassy lesser panda.

    2014 [​IMG] Now [​IMG]
  5. Julen

    Julen ✮ Banter Squad Member ✮

    Quick? I kinda doubt it. Since i've been drawing a frigging lot every single day. I mostly draw in school. Just to kill time.
  6. Natalie D.

    Natalie D. Sandhill Crane

    Oh my god this was my art a year ago
    And this is what it looks like now
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  7. estiniens

    estiniens stargazer

    Genuinely not even sure what I was thinking with the first one.

  8. Rykhoteth


    haven't really done anything since highschool, and all that is long lost
    Can't decide if I'd rather still have it or not. This thread is kind of making me wish I had some still to compare with.


  9. Ashwolves5

    Ashwolves5 Miss Fluffy Bottom

    A couple from 2010 and a couple past few weeks

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  10. Trioza

    Trioza New Member

  11. Xaroin

    Xaroin Sprsh

    Let's just check out the difference between my pfp from like 3 months ago to my most recent one

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  12. AlleycatIrony

    AlleycatIrony dubstep macarena

    i know i've already posted here but i literally made an art improvement thing today w/ the first thing i tried drawing of humans years ago and the latest drawing i did lmao

  13. IncubusZenith

    IncubusZenith Pessimistic Incubus

    I think this would be the best example I have, it being in full colour and showing my improvement in the same medium. 2009-2016. I need to do more redraws LOL Maybe something of my old furry art next time.
  14. crystallinecanine

    crystallinecanine Sparkle Gosh

    Sorry this is so long! The first pic was drawn in 2012 and the last one is from this month! I got better in anatomy and coloring, and I hope to only improve more~ ^^
    jade nebula.jpg (Jade from homestuck, 2012) fef1.jpg (Feferi, homestuck, 2014)
    c RAVING madness YEAHsai.png
  15. OakenheelTheWolf

    OakenheelTheWolf Active Member

    Me in third grade (lol that was yyyeeeaaarrss ago) sketch-1492199082245.png me now (today) sketch-1492186374217.png
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  16. Zeitzbach

    Zeitzbach Taste purple

    I did recently redraw a picture of flamedramon.

    Last year (August 7th 2016)


    And 2 days ago (April 14th 2017)

  17. Randalieren

    Randalieren Lean Mean Panda Bean

    Hey, you guys improved a lot and I love the improvement in all of you guys <3

    Here's the stages of improvement I went through last year!
    Here's something I drew recently!

    I've gotten pretty close and comfortable with my new art style ^^
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  18. KageSakuraclown

    KageSakuraclown Active Member

  19. Randalieren

    Randalieren Lean Mean Panda Bean

  20. rocketseal

    rocketseal Member

    I like to share this often because it's so frightening. I remember being so scared to post the before haha
    Redraw first:
    The fail:
  21. Vince_FoxLore

    Vince_FoxLore New Member

  22. Tenseki

    Tenseki mostly anime artist

    i'm rather proud of my art improvement (only started doing furry art recently so don't have much to show of that)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  23. Toxi

    Toxi New Member

    This is a piece from when I first Joined the fandom, it was my first convention badge from 2014 ^^

    And this is from a couple of days ago
  24. OakenheelTheWolf

    OakenheelTheWolf Active Member

    ^cringe past sketch-1494690925239.png ^cringe present
  25. kattodil

    kattodil New Member

    From 2012:

    and 2017:
    2017s.jpg 2017straditional.jpg
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