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Discussion in 'Art & Illustration' started by ruruscube, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Taterbunny

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    Oh man, I remember the skullmonkies game, good times. :'D
    It was supposed to be a dragon, haha. It's just a mess.
  2. Yvvki

    Yvvki Sassy lesser panda.

    Here's another comparison. X3

    A few days ago.

  3. drawain

    drawain Artist

    Until I got to know what real “drama“ means by watching the fandom. xD


    Looking at all the art between these two uploads, I don't feel like my rendering skills got that far. But while visually I didn't improve that much, I gained more substance as an artist: I got more versatile with media and subjects. I learned to paint more materials.

    gift_inkedbird_headshot_s (1).jpg

    I focused to much on drawing and too little on painting though. This needs to change.
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  4. Kit H. Ruppell

    Kit H. Ruppell Exterminieren! Exterminieren!

    2008: Hurr durr I liek teh animoo especially when they drag their balls Male Fox Bust by KitRuppell
    2010: MS Paint was a mistake Tired of Being Cute by KitRuppell
    2012: Teh animoo was not "What the Frawwwk?" by KitRuppell
    2015: New coloring technique! Took me over 15 minutes to invent! Kit Ruppell- Revised Face/Color Experiment by KitRuppell
    Recent: Fuck it. I'm going to build things instead Instrument Project UPGRADE! by KitRuppell
  5. Neskers

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    Old babysitting_by_nekoparadise-d33ces8.png New BunnyAdoptableComplete.png
  6. tinybunner

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    oldart.png Late May 2017


    newerart.png July 10th 2017
  7. schwa16

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    oh yes i love this improvement!!
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  8. schwa16

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    from happy to abuse; what happened really ?
  9. schwa16

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    this one is sick fun i love these melty beasts
  10. schwa16

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    welp here are mine
    one of the first furry images(i got in the fandom about year ago, these are probab 2016 spring i guess?)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and then some of my newest works
    (2017 july/june)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i think i have found out what direction i´m going to improve myself
  11. Solapi

    Solapi Solapï the Lioness

    Aw that's an interesting subject ^-^ The first one was yesterday, and the last one was 2 years ago ^-^.


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  12. schwa16

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    the second one reminds me of traditional watercolour art somehow, that's cool!
  13. DatCrazyLola

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    Haha I have a good one!


    February 2017
  14. plaguedaemonart

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    This is only a couple months time, but I feel like I learned a lot, especially about how to use brushes in Painter. Maybe if I redo it every couple months I'll eventually get what I wanted out of it.

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  15. Vivex

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    SanguinemZiege on DeviantArt Not a comparison compared to some but... multiple uploads of even from my high school days up to just a couple of days ago. Contains some mature content.
  16. Iovic

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    August 2016:

    April 2017:
  17. Vivex

    Vivex New Member

    Man this site is SO awesome. So many talented people with varying styles.
  18. Arlethallan

    Arlethallan A shy saytr

    One of my first ocs back in 2011 at age like 15
    last summer-2016
    earlier today
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  19. Blu Dragon

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    Oh boy, its hard to believe a year ago I first tried to model furries (I'm a 3D modeler) and thought this was good:
    300k tri's, bad proportions, weird head going on, weird knees and overall weird. Muscles look really good at that angle but absolutely horrible at any other angle. Oh and the texture, gah! HORRIBLE! ... Actually this feels much longer then a year ago..

    Anywho, moving on. This is how far I've vastly improved in modeling since 2016 - Late 2018:

    (You can find other views as well as some modeling progress pictures here.)
    Oh but it doesn't stop there. That's right, 2 weeks later I modeled another character, not only modeled but decided to texture it as well.

    (Alternate pose / render for better model detail can be found here and here. And if you're wondering, its inspired by Jin Roh)

    Both characters above are vast improvements of my modeling, with the female shark being a little under 15,000 (Including both uzis, without them she is under 10,000 which is awesome because my poly budget for her was 10,000 polygons.) And the Jin Roh shark being around 15,500 polygons with the MG-42, without he is 10,550.
  20. Naresie

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