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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by aloveablebunny, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny don't pull my ears!

    The last thread I found about posting photos of your pets seemed to be from July... so mods, please delete if I should instead piggyback on that almost 4 month-old thread.

    Otherwise... feel free to introduce your pets/'furchildren' here! I'm looking forward to seeing your cute floofs/reptiles/arachnids/etc. :)


    Eleanor, 9 years old - sweet, chatty girl who's usually attached at the hip

    Dublin, 7 months old - a royal pain in the ass sometimes when he's getting into things he shouldn't (note: EVERYTHING), but such a cuddle bug and likes to be the big spoon

    Apollo, ~1.5 years old - he was dumped (or escaped) in the neighborhood, no one bothered looking for him, so I took him in. The sweetest bun I've ever had <3

    And to pay homage to my dearly departed old man, Carson - I said goodbye to him almost a year ago and miss this floof dearly! </3
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  2. GreenZone

    GreenZone Well-Known Member

    i'll be getting a Tamaskan next year when i leave my current job and get into university

    i got puppy's on the brain at the moment
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  3. Dongding

    Dongding The sheep

    I want to get an ant farm. All I have is a stupid cat.

    Edit: Never mind... Does imgur just not work anymore or something?
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  4. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny don't pull my ears!

    It's working for me o_O
  5. Ginza

    Ginza Unironically Ironic

    Ahhh look at that sweet little rabbit face. I just wanna hug him xx I have a rabbit of my own. An absolute asshole, but love her nonetheless
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  6. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny don't pull my ears!

    My female rabbit was a territorial bitch half the time, lol. And she was SPAYED! Poor thing died suddenly of stasis. She was my first bun, and when not being aggressive, liked to sit on my back when I was laying on my stomach on the floor.
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  7. Ginza

    Ginza Unironically Ironic

    Aww sounds like a sweetheart. Sorry to hear about her sudden passing. My rabbit is my first bun as well, didn't even intend to get her really, but she stole my heart. I'll share some pics of her later
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  8. Dongding

    Dongding The sheep

    All I get is a black screen for an album these days. Not even sure what makes one image an album to be honest but they don't give you an option when you upload...
    Picture a cat. That's my cat. It's like every other cat.
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  9. Astusthefox

    Astusthefox The King of Games

    I would post my pets pictures, but I have a feeling some random furry somewhere is going to do unspeakable things to themselves while looking at their pictures, so I cannot bring myself to do so
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  10. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car!

    I wanted to refrain from entering this thread, but my heart is just "No. Don't you dare, you fucker. You've been hurting over this for too long". We talking about our current pets, or pets in general?

    I miss you, Applejack. You have no idea how much.

    A more loving, loyal, cuddly and friendly cat I have never had. Always wanting a cuddle. Always wanting attention, especially after I removed the fish hook from her paw.

    A brightly shining star in an otherwise completely star-less sky. And the one who kept me sane, kept me.. Human through the loss of someone else in my life I cared deeply for.
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  11. GreenZone

    GreenZone Well-Known Member

    i also have a dead pet she was a good doggo

    Edit: please do not masturbate over my dead dog
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  12. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car!

    You posted on a Furry forum, mate. Too late. I've already done it 10 times.
  13. GreenZone

    GreenZone Well-Known Member

    don't do it, no, that's not good, itsnot,no don't do it, no, no, nooo, no don't DO IT!, she's a doggo.
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  14. Okamio

    Okamio I'm a gentle beast. Do not fear.

    I recently lost my tabby cat, Sammy, this year. He died of a heart attack while I was at work. I was so devastated, but, this poor guy was allergic to almost everything... it was his time.
    *hugs* I feel for you.
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  15. Lcs

    Lcs Well-Known Member

    I've never had a pet. ;~;

    You have to click on "Get share links", which should be available from a dropdown menu when your mouse goes over the image, and then copy paste the "BBCode" link.
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  16. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car!

    *hugs back*

    Yeah, the loss of a pet can go incredibly deep. Your mind can't even comprehend it before some time have passed, when the facts finally dawn on you.
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  17. GreenZone

    GreenZone Well-Known Member

    ......................................................... you can also go incredibly deep into pets................................................

  18. Rant

    Rant Haters Gonna Hate

    It won't let my upload any pictures.

    So the Chihuahua is Aiden and he's my pillow princess and always down for snuggles. Aiden was from a rescue that shut down a puppy mill. He and over 60 other Chihuahuas were saved from a trailer with no heat/AC and filled with filth.

    The Collie is Ghibli. 10 months old and is a big, goofy, uncoordinated hurricane of destruction!!! A dog breeder found his mother starved and wondering the streets and took her in so she could have her puppies safely.

    I have 7 birds in a big aviary I made.
    2 diamond doves SadBoi and ProudBoi. The lesbian power couple Glitch and Pixel are Zebra Finches and are total bitches. Then 3 Gouldians, Chocobo is a SF yellow, Kevin is a normal colored female and the last male is still nameless but he's a dilute green. All three are blue split meaning if I can get them to get it on some of the babies will be rare blue mutations!!
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  19. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny don't pull my ears!

    All pets! A homage to those passed on from this life, or those still here.

    I remember you mentioning your Applejack when I talked about the sadness of having to say goodbye to my boy Carson last year. She looks like she was a great kitty <33
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  20. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny don't pull my ears!

    My mom loves birds, and used to have an aviary when she was younger. We had a blue jay when I was about 10 that my brother found as a baby, fallen out of the nest. So my mom, being the bird person, took him in and he became our blue jay, named Spike. He was such a unique, cool little bird.

    Thank you for rescuing <33 I have vowed to only adopt rescues from now on.
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  21. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny don't pull my ears!

    *hugs* I am so sorry, Okamio! I lost my boy Carson in December of last year and it still hurts. I am sure that however long you had Sammy for that it brought you great happiness, and I'm sure he was happy too <3
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  22. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny don't pull my ears!

    She was a beautiful doggo <3
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  23. Rant

    Rant Haters Gonna Hate

    Some of my birds are rescues too! I try to get only rescues but it's much harder with little birds.
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  24. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru I stubbed my log on a car!


    xD xD xD xD xD

    Yeah, she was. Best kitty ever. After 2 and a half years it still stings..
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  25. Sgt. Kai

    Sgt. Kai Sgt. Kai the German Shepherd Police Dog

    Taylor, my Bernese Mountain Dog. She retired from SAR last year at 9 years old...
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