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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by XenoQc, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. XenoQc

    XenoQc OF-GSS

    Hello there! I am in a skype group that is still alive since many months and we've had the same active people for a while. I'm thinking it could be a good idea to invite some new people to join us for some good times.

    The atmosphere is good, friendly and filled with people with open minds that accept any kind of personality or fursona (Any sort of specy is welcomed). The chat isn't oriented in any way, we just talk about whatever whenever.. We sometimes roleplay lightly and have fun being in character together.

    If you are interested there is the link: Join conversation

    If the link doesn't work send me a private message and I will find a way to add you.

    [Warning] sometimes it may get weird...
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  2. VenomousInk

    VenomousInk New Member

    "It may get weird" I think that's what could keep things fun and interesting =P
  3. XenoQc

    XenoQc OF-GSS

    Hey venny boy thanks for joining us! I hope you will enjoy
  4. VenomousInk

    VenomousInk New Member

    I'm just glad I get to meet some other furries. So far, I'm enjoying it ^ -^
  5. XenoQc

    XenoQc OF-GSS

    Cool and I forgot to say it is a SFW group chat
  6. XenoQc

    XenoQc OF-GSS

    First: Sorry for the double post

    For some reason to ensure the well being of the group I have to put it back private so if you want to join send me a private message.

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