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    I'm not exactly sure how popular this comic is around here, so tell me what you think. Love it? meh? Kill it with fire?

    For those that have never heard of this, It is a web comic that I feel most closely resembles a mix between anime and late 90's saturday morning cartoons.

    I've personally read the entire thing up to page 780, and have enjoyed it thus far.

    The story is not at all original by any stretch, but it is a tried and true formula that I found enjoyable and fun, especially for those that love cute cartoonish exposition with a hint of video game humor.

    It has a bit of violence and foul language, but is otherwise tame (no yiff).

    The beginning of the comic can be found here.

    If you absolutely despise anime, you probably will not like this.
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    Dino_Nerd Rawr

    This probably belongs in the furry comics board, and apparently It's already been discussed. My bad.

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