So who all is watching SGDQ?

Discussion in 'PC and Console Gaming' started by Orcaaa, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Orcaaa

    Orcaaa New Member

    I sure am, as I've watched every GDQ event for the past couple of years. Sadly missed Nier, but Halo CE was definitely still a good kick off for me ;^0 Can't wait for the tetris block Thursday!
    What all are you looking forward to? Favs so far? Any surprisingly enjoyable/bad runs?
  2. Pipistrele

    Pipistrele Smart batto!

    Well, kind of? Considering I'm living in UTC+04:00 timezone, and working my day shifts on top of that, I'll have to miss majority of the runs I looked up to (Mirrors Edge, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Half-Life, Tetris TGM), so I'll get to watch majority of SDGQ only after the event is over :( Well at least I'll catch Prince of Persia and Earthbound in live translation, those are usually the fun ones too. As for the rest, probably put it as background noise, but going to skip most of modern games (because I want to beat some of them later, but don't have money for a new console as of now) as well as all the Zelda/Metroid/Mario Kart speedruns (because I'm sick to death of them, as significant as those games are for speedrunning community)
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  3. Orcaaa

    Orcaaa New Member

    Dang :( lucky I'm EST -04:00 and working graveyard shifts in that respect. Still missing some I was looking forward to, like the Okami HD run last night, and I'll have to go back and watch the Earthbound run afterwards. Guess it's fine with me, just more new to me content spaced out a bit more. I tend to watch modern games only if I'm invested in them already ie. have played them, so I can get where you're coming from with abstaining.

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