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Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by Foxfairy, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. Foxfairy

    Foxfairy Cat Herder

    Who would like some?
    If I've done art for you before please refrain from asking for another request because it's not all that fair.
  2. Marodi

    Marodi New Member

    It would b really cool if you could draw my fursona in your style!
    Here's the full picture
    I'd really really appreciate it! I've never had anyone draw anything for me before, and your gallery looks great! ^^
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  3. CraskWolf

    CraskWolf Newbie

    I'd love it if you could draw a picture of my fursona, I'm new so I don't have any reference pictures, but I can give a rough description:

    My fursona is a black wolf, except for the belly and his paws, and the inside of his ears, which are white, and has a moderate build. He has blue eyes, and ideally would be wearing shorts, an open shirt/vest, and some kind of sunglasses.

    If you need more details, ask, I'd be happy to provide them, but I thought it would be best not to be too specific/picky, since you're being so generous ^^


    EDIT: I just had a look at your gallery, it's really great. It'd be a real privilege to have something drawn by you
  4. Lilfurbal

    Lilfurbal Cuddly Kitty Cat


    It'd be cool if you could draw my fursona, I don't recall getting art from you before :p

    colorations / design based from:

    You could also actually include the plush with my fursona in some way, holding it or hugging it or what have you. Not too picky :p

    Thank you if you decide to do this :D

    note: my fursona doesn't wear clothes, but don't draw any naughty bits lol.
  5. Foxfairy

    Foxfairy Cat Herder

  6. Marodi

    Marodi New Member

    Lol agreed ^^
  7. LiquouriceBlack

    LiquouriceBlack Snuggle Puppy?

  8. Gareeku

    Gareeku Wandering soul

    Could I possibly get some art from you? The character I had in mind isn't mine, it's my friend's character:

    Name: P. Melodie Icewing (and she’s not telling what the P stands for)
    Nickname(s): Mel
    Age: Just under 150,000
    Race: dragon
    Species: ice with just a bit of lightning
    Height: Generally seen in 5’ anthro form as shown the pics below
    Build: slinky
    Eyes: bright blue
    Hair: none
    Fur Coloration: no fur but pearl colored scales
    Distinguishing features: is quite small for a dragon

    Hope that's ok, if you need more info don't hesitate to ask ^^
  9. Renu

    Renu Deamon of Your Dreams.

    You could give me a try:

    I'm a lanky red (brown red, like curdled blood) draft horse, quite emaciated. on my muzzle I have a white mask (not an actual mask, it's white halfway down the muzzle) resembling a skull. I have black ears a black nose and black around the eyes. My eyes are white, as if I were blind. And my mane is white. A white stripe runs down my spine to my looong silvery tail.

    this is the best I'VE done, but I made some changes. XD so go by the desc adding the changes.
  10. Kume


  11. Darius

    Darius Member

    I asked for a request in your other thread, did those ever get completed? If not, could you give me a shot now?
  12. Risal Shikoba

    Risal Shikoba Member

  13. saberpup

    saberpup Member

    id love for u to draw my fursona its a male siberian husky thats blackwith a gray tone and white if u do it thanks a lot:)
  14. Kender3421

    Kender3421 Now what was that spell again?

    Damn, I guess I could still ask you but with all of these, I doubt you'll do my fursona. I also don't have any refrence pics so here's a discription.

    His name is Teige. He is a male morphic dingo with stripped(red base, blonde markings) fur, short, straight green hair, and soulful brown eyes. He is of tall height and has a slightly muscular build. He has trusting features but a sorrowful aura. Teige wears a set of regular blue jeans, a white button down shirt, a silver chain around his neck and a brown long coat with multiple silver buckles around the waist and sleeves.

    If you can get to me, awesome. If not, I understand. Thanks.

  15. Vodkahorse

    Vodkahorse Vodka Horse

  16. Caelwyn

    Caelwyn New Member

    can you draw my fursona? i don't have a picture so here's a description name: caelwyn height: 7'7' weight: 485 lb. (all muscle) build: very muscular species: tiger color: black fur with red stripes (torso and abs white) he wears an army green vest with jeans and he has a cocky smile and he has long japanese hero like red hair
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  17. Foxfairy

    Foxfairy Cat Herder

    All the art is here!

    I use these as warmup sketches and for practice so they're not masterworks, but I hope that they're a little something that brightens your day.

    Darius, I think I have it in the scraps section of my gallery, if not I will redo it for you as I'm terribly sorry to have kept you waiting. Craskwolf Lilfurbal Caelwyn Kender3421 Saberpup MrFoxx Liquorice Black Vodkahorse Risal Shikoba P Melodie Icewing

    ifI have forgotten you, please let me know!
    After all, I am only human.
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  18. LiquouriceBlack

    LiquouriceBlack Snuggle Puppy?

    Thankyou :} Very kind of you to take time and draw those!
  19. minihorse

    minihorse the cuddle horse

    i would like a picture like the one on my profile for the fourms but i want him wearing a two peace bikini ok the top should just cover his nipples and make him look sexy and hes a herm so no crotch buldge

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nobody will draw my character i guess its too hard a job
  20. CraskWolf

    CraskWolf Newbie

    Thanks a lot, looks great ^^
  21. Renu

    Renu Deamon of Your Dreams.

    What about me?
  22. Marodi

    Marodi New Member

    lol i cant help but feel a little rejected. Don't worry about drawring me though.
  23. Kender3421

    Kender3421 Now what was that spell again?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
  24. Maahes

    Maahes New Member

    If you would be kind enough here is my desc:

    Your eyes fall upon a tall and muscular black feline that you soon realize is a panther, you would say he looks to be about 19-21 by standard aging systems, but one cannot truly be sure. His height sees him standing at about six foot three, with a build that can only be described a strong warriors. Upon closer inspection of his face you notice he has piercing amethyst eyes with a scar sitting just on the outside of his left one, below that hanging round his neck is an ankh with the two prongs below the circle curved downwards and instead of just ending, connect with the base. This beautiful thing is connected by a silver neck chain .His chest fur hides little of the muscular detail though another scar does show, this scar runs from his shoulder and going straight down his chest ending just before a well defined stomach. His arms Lay bare cept for a gold snake that twists around his left Bicep. As your gaze once again shifts down you encounter a weapons belt that has a dagger, two short swords and a strange looking steel fan. His legs are covered by naught but an ancient egyptian style kilt while his feet lay bare and unencumbered by shoes.
  25. Gareeku

    Gareeku Wandering soul

    sweet! Thank you very much! ^^
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