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    So, some of you guys said on my intro post that I should make a fursona as a part of my research. If you guys are coming onto this thread and are going "research, what?" I'll tell you guys now just so that there's no misunderstanding: I am a non-fur, anthropology student conducting an ethnographic project on furry culture. If you guys have any questions about what I'm doing, I will answer those questions.

    Anyways, on to the thing that this board is meant for. I've made characters before, but I've never made a real fursona. I've been told that wolves are common, and I think they're pretty cool, so I'm thinking that might be a safe option. I've also been told that hybrids are fun to make, as well as mythical creatures. I have three rough ideas that I thought would be fun to make: wolf-raven hybrid, wolf-unicorn hybrid, or a candy-wolf? I like simplistic and soft as far as colors and patterns. Before I commission anyone, I was going to try to take the time to sketch them out first and post them here, if that would be okay? What do you guys think so far?
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    I'm so sorry they're both giant, and also not good quality.

    tumblr_omb0fcRFjW1t29qmio1_1280.jpg tumblr_omb0fcRFjW1t29qmio3_1280.jpg
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    Generally people use personal nods to themselves with their sonas. The hair on my guy is a joke to how my IRL hair has this weird sideways cow lick, so I decided to overemphesize that. I used my fav colors for the hide, and I went with dorsal spikes that recurve, and horns that recurve because they have a unique shape kinda like how I try not to be generic. Ice Dragon because I like the cold weather.
    So what I would suggest is that you try to take inside jokes about yourself and try to represent that in the design.
    Also that "I thought it would be fun to" comment is one of the things about this b/c it's just something to do for fun.
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    Yeah I tried to personalize it. I kinda wanted to do the raven-wolf hybrid because wolves are my fav, and ravens are supposed to be smart? And I'm a student? Yeah that was... Farfetched.

    Unicorns I see as being fluid as far as expressing gender and one's self, and I am genderfluid, so I thought that would fit with me.
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    It is always a good idea to sketch your ideas. That helps you and the artist :D If you feel up for it you should try and make a full body sketch. Just to see if you want wolf or raven/horse limps.
    I like your ideas. A wolf-raven would be cool!
    I have seem some candy designs here and there, so if you search around a bit I'm sure you can find some inspiration :3
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    It looks like it's coming along. As for colors, you can use any number methods- favorite colors, a particular pattern you're known for, or in my case a scheme used by a group that I really like in the Marching Band world. Case-in-point, I'll attach a couple photos of my Fursona reference and my Skeptic Persona, ironically also a reference, (which I designed shortly before I realized my furriness to use on my YT Channel).
    Crimson Steel Final Concept.png Marching Skeptic_v2.jpg
    Notice any similarities? This is just a color combination that stuck with me, and it works. But that's not the point I'm getting at: do what works for you, and you will have results that you are happy with. That's all that matters- it's your sona, so make sure that YOU are happy with it. \endRant
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    hey grace, im that new guy who talked to you that one time. just saying, you can draw 100x better than me. just wanted to say that whatever you want to do, go for it. i made mine based on my docile nature, except when something pisses me off. just like a cat. so yeah. go for whatever. and choose your fav colors. I did grey and purple kuz purple is my fav color and my bf really liked the grey idea. so, yeah. do whatever and if it sticks, voila.

    -From a furry friend, Renven
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    Aw guys, thank you. I'll try the full-body, and then someone said I should consider seeing someone who's doing requests, or commissions... I can't remember who though.
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