Someone help...I really don't know what to do...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LinnyChanPL, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

    I really don't know what to do in this situation.

    I live with my mom and grandma, she is 81 and a WWII combatant. After her husband's death, her health went down more each year. She wasn't able to walk that well and often fell down. Usually without a scratch...Usually. Yesterday at 4 am she fell down and unfortunately broke her hip. She was taken to hospital.
    Tomorrow she has an operation. Just got a call from hospital that she won't be able to walk again and probably sit at all too. We have to hire a sitter, buy special bed, meds when she comes back....

    Thing is...I don't have money to cover her rehabilitation or send her to Senior's House or any facility like that...I'm working but my money is not enough. My mother can't work, she is on small pension (due to cancer). And we still have taxes and other things to pay. It was already tough for few last years but we always managed to get over it. But not now...I'm helpless. Totally broke right now. Trying not to cry.

    Does anyone knows what to do? And how to stay strong...

    I can't use a Fundraiser since I live in Poland. We don't have any sites like this as long as I know.

    And before anyone screams at me: no, it's not connected with my commissions, I wouldn't even be able to make this many to cover everything up. I have to work too.
  2. Reserved_Krolik

    Reserved_Krolik Active Member

    Shit, I'm really sorry. I honestly don't know how to help. Are there any social systems you have (friends,church,whatever) who could at least help with her care?
  3. Fuzzylumkin

    Fuzzylumkin Fuzzbutt

    *hugs* I wish I had a solution for you, unfortunately... can only provide emotional support
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  4. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

    Yeah, we will try getting some help from Caritas, but I'm afraid they will be able to help closer to Christmas season. I'm still looking for any fundation or anything

    It means a lot, thank you.
  5. HeartlessSora

    HeartlessSora no light? no darkness? there is no balance

    Dont worry Linny , you will be able to think something out , im rly sry that i cant do anything to help you but we the community can stay by your side on the dark days , we are here for you , i wish you the best of luck my friend
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  6. RuffusTheLynx

    RuffusTheLynx Pff... just a casual lynx...

    everything will be fine, there is always hope! I feel very bad for you... my grandfather suffered brain problems and now he can not move half of his body, but he is recovering, even when we thought he was going to die! *hugs* Be strong and never lose your hope that there is always a solution. ;)
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  7. AustinB

    AustinB Active Member

    I don't really know what to tell you. If someone rich enough regularly browses this website and sees your message, you'd probably get some money that way. Try taking up another job? Maybe doing some odd jobs to get some extra money. If you have any family members, ask them to pitch in and help. Especially siblings or anyone related to your grandmother. Feel free to ask some close friends to help. I'm sure they'd give you a bit of cash. Tell your boss about the situation and maybe get a raise.

    If most of these are out of your reach, I honestly don't know what to say. You can try talking to the doctors about this. They *might* lower your price if you're lucky. I honestly think healthcare should be free/payed through by taxes.

    You could also set up a PayPal. I'm sure some peeps on here would be kind enough to help you with your situation.
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  8. Nihles

    Nihles New Member

    Wow, that sounds awful. Nobody should have to deal with that kind of financial stress, I wish I could offer even emotional support, but all I've got is the inexperienced advice.

    I'm not sure about hospitals in your hometown, but around me most will work out long term billing or reduce fees as long as you stay in touch and pay something every week or month, even if only a few dollars. They would rather be paid something than risk you going bankrupt and paying nothing.

    There is always a way, good luck and I know you can find it!
  9. How good are military benefits in Poland? You can probably help her immensely if it's good.
  10. Kaley Boatwright

    Kaley Boatwright New Member

    I agree with Austin B if there are any close family members that could spare extra money don't hesitate to ask. If I wasn't also in a financial bind I would offer to send you money some way. Check into loans or pick up extra side jobs. Can you play any instruments? Maybe you could do some street performances too. Yes the hospital might work some kind of payment plan out with you too.
  11. LinnyChanPL

    LinnyChanPL Linnie :3

    Everything went even worse during last days.
    My mother is in a critical state in hospital, she doesn't recognize anyone. Even me. And I've just lost my job. Just..perfect...

    So if anyone thinks their life sucks...always remember it can get even worse.

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