Something To Do With Love (furry dating sim)

Discussion in 'PC and Console Gaming' started by Battlechili1, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Battlechili1

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    Someone on FA/4chan (I think at least) has been making a furry dating sim using 3D models, and it actually looks somewhat competent (and also self-aware). Has anyone heard of it?

    The game has been in development for several months now (possibly longer; I know it was in Alpha a few months ago at least), and sometime last month, the game got put on Steam Greenlight as well as Kickstarter. It was successful in getting greenlit on Steam, although the Kickstarter remains to be seen (as its still not over. Its not looking good though).
  2. Multoran

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    So people would actually "date" this?
  3. Battlechili1

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    My internet ate my post x_x
    Well, you'd date the characters in the game. But yes. Dating sims are fairly common, especially in Japan.
  4. shykoala

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    Hey, they made a dating sim where you date pigeons. Not anthropomorphic pigeons, just pigeons.

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