Sonic the the hate necessary?

Discussion in 'PC and Console Gaming' started by duddy1, May 17, 2014.

  1. duddy1

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    LatEly, Ihave noticed a massive string of hate, directed at everyone's favorite blue hedgehog. Granted, some of those articles were old, but I digress. The critics unnecessarily bash everything new at Sonic Team tries...Boom isn't even out yet, and I've seen a few hate depicting articles (most based around designs)...and no one seems to want to let '06 die.

    My reason for posting here is this...does anyone here feel that this hate is justified? I myself have been a fan of the series since its roots (my first game ever was Sonic 2 for genesis), and I don't see what all the complaints are for. "The wisp powers felt clunky and out of place." Then don't use them! If it was a necessary segment, then they weren't out of place! That's must one example, but you get the idea.

    To conclude, do you hate Sonic? If so post why, and if you don't hate the series, post why! (Move this to the rant section if you deem this too rantish.)
  2. Fernin

    Fernin 6150 rpm and spinning.

    Most of the sonic hate is due to the fact that there hasn't been a good sonic game in years, if not decades, and the fact the characters are stuck in 80's-tude which is rather annoying, even for people who grew up in the 80s.
  3. Taralack

    Taralack Hit 'em right between the eyes

    ^ that and a lot of the Sonic fandom is kind of dumb. *coughChrischancough*
  4. duddy1

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    The quality of a game is in the eye of the beholder. The critic views carry no weight. What matters to the company is sales, and until lost world, Sonic hasn't failed to crack a million each. Although, I can note the annoying attitude.
  5. Captain Howdy

    Captain Howdy Active Member

    One of my closest friends, of a decade or more now, is a die-hard Sonic fan. He will gush over how much he loves Sonic, from 80's/90's era origins, all the way until today's date. If the game sucks, he'll admit it sucks, but come hell or high water, he'll finish the damn game (a true hardcore gamer...)...He's a bit narrow on the games he'll play (75% Nintendo), but mad props to him, because he will complete any and all games he owns to 100% (except F-Zero for Gamecube).

    I loved the side-scrolling Sonic, and I personally own and enjoy the Dreamcast Sonic games as well, but that's about it. It's not something I'd go out of my way to play, but a nostalgic and frustratingly fun time.
  6. Tremodo

    Tremodo Member

    I was a Nintendo kid, I got to play sonic at most twice back in the day. In 2002 my brother bought Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for GC. The music was great! and the game was so much fun!. Getting the 100% is different story. We loved the levels, City Escape, oh man!.

    Still at the time I didn't have access to a genesis, so I.... emulated sonic and sonic 2. Don't freak out though, this has since been corrected, my brother has all sonic collections, either for PS2 or GC.

    There, I had an unbiased comparison, is 3d sonic really that much worse than 2d?... well, I enjoyed sonic 2 a lot, and the chemical factory background music is just outstanding. But I didn't finish sonic 2 until... this year. I played it often in 2002, but I never really felt motivated to finish it.

    On the other hand my brother and I saw SA2B through all the way. I think sonic and sonic 2 are fantastic games, but weather or not they are better than the 3d games is something that boils down to opinion. Most people's opinion on the matter are clouded by nostalgia; sonic reminds you of your childhood, therefore it's better. The 3d ones make you think of your teenage years, or early adulthood, so hey it's good, but not as much.

    I haven't played any other 3d sonic game to express an opinion, so no sonic colors, or sonic '06, or the one... for the... kinect...

    I don't like the new designs though... but I like 3d sonic games, at least the 2 that I've played, but that's like half the 3d sonic games, or less? I don't know.

    Not all 2d sonics were good though! ok, not sonic, but chaotix... I find it hard to enjoy playing. If I pick it up, I put it down not long after. It's too strange and awkward, and I like the characters so I kind of wanted to like it.
  7. duddy1

    duddy1 New to the pack

    The designs are just for Boom, which will remain a seperate continuity from the main plot. But yes, I agree...nostalgia clouds the view of many gamers, leading to unnecessary ignorance.
  8. PastryOfApathy


    People hate Sonic for a one or more of the following reasons, all with valid backing.

    1. The character is in a lot of ways a relic of the 90's
    2. The Sonic fanbase is notoriously retarded (arguably worse than furfags)
    3. The games quality have been at best inconsistent and at worst always awful

    I've always liked Sonic and I still do, but there's plenty of perfectly valid reasons to hate him.
  9. SirRob

    SirRob Well-Known Member

    Sonic is made to appeal to kids. People don't like it because they grew up while the games didn't, it's like Pokemon.
  10. Tremodo

    Tremodo Member

    eeh. Pokemon has an enormous adult fanbase, very competitive too
  11. SirRob

    SirRob Well-Known Member

    Sonic has a large adult fanbase too though
  12. CaptainCool

    CaptainCool Lady of the lake

    I think Sega deserves the hate because they tried too desperately to make Sonic cool and hip. It's fucking hilarious!
    Then they come up with a game that goes into a different direction (Sonic Generations) and things work out for them! They just don't know how to market Sonic.

    Also, I don't get why Sonic was so popular when his first games came out. He is supposed to be super fast but only the first levels are centered around that. The later levels either have big water sections (you can't run fast in water) or have awkward platforming sections that you can't just run through. It's weird!

    You mean those who fap to the Cream cub smut or that one flash dating sim in which you can rape Tails over at Inkbunny? :V
  13. Imperial Impact

    Imperial Impact The Imperial Juicer


    Anyways, I think Team Sonic is doing a tad bit better with it's newer games (Lost worlds, Colours and Generations). However with Dimps they're still shit.
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  14. RedLeFrench

    RedLeFrench Writer extraordinaire

    Got a friend who is a diehard Sonic fan and even though he slowly experienced descent into despair with each passing episode, I was still there to defend most announcements (even though I'm more of a Mario guy and don't really care for the franchise), casting cautious optimism while he was already announcing the shittiness of a game... Boy was he right with Lost World... I wanted to believe in it, but man does the Sonic Team not try hard enough to help their case. Maybe Boom will be good (I'm still optimistic despite this hiccup), but we'll never know until we've tried it.
  15. Kosdu

    Kosdu Active Member

    Every time I've seen or heard sonic he seems like an immature douche, and I find no appeal to me in the games.

    I do not hate it, per-say, but I find it rather odd that people would find such appeal to it.

    I would say pretty much the same for all nintendo games, they lack appeal to me.
    Same with things like street fighter, monster hunter, final fantasy, kingdom hearts, they simply do not seem like games I could find any appreciable level of entertainment in.
  16. Distorted

    Distorted Well-Known Member

    I always saw him as a free spirit that just ran around helping people. When I was a kid I thought that was the coolest thing. Just running around flipping and spinning for justice. He's simple so that kids can get him more easily. But as I got older he kinda lost his appeal, and '06 kinda made me lose hope for a bit.

    But they've been doing good lately. Sonic Generations is really good compared to what's been out before it. And Lost Worlds isn't all that bad either.
  17. DrDingo

    DrDingo Moved to with the others

    Am I the only one that's noticed the gigantic irony of the caption on the OP's avatar?
    It answers the thread's question for you!
  18. Batty Krueger

    Batty Krueger DJ Nailbunny

    Ive been a sonic fan since his furst appearance in 1990. Sure some of the games suck hard, but it doesn't keep me from not loving him.
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  19. chesse20

    chesse20 Member

    Sonic sucks sucks and is bad and thr only good sonic game there is , is sonic all stars racing transformed

    other than that there's not much quality
  20. Milo

    Milo New Member

    sonic is popular like DBZ is popular in my opinion. it has a charm, but it's also that very charm that makes it hate-able to everyone else.

    it also strikes me as what one would consider the definition of cool. I've seen one side say sonic is for the biggest nerds, but I've also heard people say sonic is totally badass

    sonic is one of the most two-sided debates I've ever witnessed. it's almost literally split in half in just about every way.

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