Sonic the the hate necessary?

Discussion in 'PC and Console Gaming' started by duddy1, May 17, 2014.

  1. Batty Krueger

    Batty Krueger DJ Nailbunny

    1. You're an idiot.
    2. The best sonic games are the original platformers.
  2. Volkodav

    Volkodav Dad****er

    You gotta go fast to escape the haters
  3. FangWarrior

    FangWarrior Hat wearing demon ;)

    The first sonic game I ever played was Sonic the hedgehog 2 on the genesis, ever since then, I've been hooked. But I could see why people are hating on our blue blur so much (Well... we have 06, sonic R, and shadow the hedgehog... etc. your pick.) But, I feel that it's redeeming it's mistakes, I'm excited for sonic boom, sure they gave knuckles steroids, but this completely separate from the modern sonic games, so we still have our original knuckles, sonic, and other characters we know and love (and some we don't.) So is the hate necessary? Well, people need to stop looking back at the bad games. (No matter how much sonic sounds like a douche in Sonic colors, or how much we all hate 06.) Some in my opinion, are not even bad games.(Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, although I really hate sonic's attitude in that game. etc.) I am looking forward to sonic boom, and more games to come.
  4. Batty Krueger

    Batty Krueger DJ Nailbunny

    I'm such a Sonic fag I have a book called "The History of Sonic the Hedgehog" Is really not all about Sonic, but the history of Sega in general. Quite an interesting read.
  5. PastryOfApathy


    idk man, Sonic Generations was pretty sick.
  6. Alexxx-Returns

    Alexxx-Returns The Sergal that Didn't Vore

    That one game/console that you didn't have, and you could only play it at friends' house, that was the old time Sonic games on one of the Sega systems. Can't remember which one, I was very small. But I goddamn loved that game. That was my childhood. There was just something so satisfying about it.

    I tried playing it on emulator a year or so ago, but I fear that I've out-grown it, because it didn't have the same appeal. I haven't played any Sonic games since though, unless a random flash game online counts.

    I don't like Sonic himself as a character, but I guess everyone has characters they don't gel with. I always felt like he was trying too hard to be 'cool' (I caught episodes of the show here and there), and it's so extensive that I have a strong dislike for characters which REMIND me of Sonic (like Taichi in Digimon Adventure). I like Knuckles though, I always have. And I like Tails.

    So basically, I loved a couple of the games as a kid, but can take it or leave it now. If I went to visit a friend and they wanted to play a Sonic game, I wouldn't refuse.
  7. FangWarrior

    FangWarrior Hat wearing demon ;)

    sonic doesn't have to try hard to be cool, he already is a badass. Unless jumping off buildings like spiderman at super sonic speeds and not breaking his legs isn't awesome. :p

    I do respect your opinion, just sorta pointing that out. ;)
  8. Alexxx-Returns

    Alexxx-Returns The Sergal that Didn't Vore

    Yes, that is true. As adults we can see this, but I guess kids, who the show is aimed at, probably need to be reminded that he's supposed to be cool.

    I think that kind of marketing of protagonists is what always made me like the villains more than heroes as a kid. The heroes always seemed like... well, that, and the villains were more 3-dimensional and the writers were able to make them cool without trying, most of the time.

    I think I just summed up ever show I saw/book I read as a kid.
  9. duddy1

    duddy1 New to the pack

    Everyone is all over the place...just what I expected :3.

    May as well get my opinions out there. Some of the games in the series had their low points, but I don't view any of the games as 'bad'. Some are just 'unpolished'. The Adventure games were, in my opinion, the apex of the series, with different playable characters, and multiple play styles. And they really aren't trying to make him cool...that's always been his attitude. Ever played Adventure 1 (The first game she he talks)?
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  10. Batty Krueger

    Batty Krueger DJ Nailbunny

    Just bought Sonic Generations for 360, on sale for 15 bucks brand new. Looks like I know what im doing when I get home. Pawing off to the cover art
  11. mcjoel

    mcjoel Pepmurrmint Fox

    make sure you keep the shrink wrap on to act as a splash guard. :V

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  12. PastryOfApathy


    Good, literally the best Sonic I've ever played outside of the Genesis era.
  13. FangWarrior

    FangWarrior Hat wearing demon ;)

    sonic generations is pretty sweet, nostalgia overkill.... I really like what they did with crisis city for classic sonic, the music for that stage always gets me humming. I also love to play the chemical plant stage for classic and modern, just for the nostalgia trip and the thrill of the level.

    SPOILER ALERT Although I was really disappointed with the death egg stage, I just felt it could have been harder, I really love me a game that can get my blood boiling and my hands tense.
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  14. duddy1

    duddy1 New to the pack

    I've never played the console version, but I have heard good things. The 3ds version is good, and I like how it has different stages, but it is extremely short.
  15. Neviam

    Neviam New Member

    I feel like a lot of the hatred for the Sonic franchise comes from the... strange side of the fanbase. On sites like 4chan, Reddit, and the like, Sonic is practically equated with adult/fetish fan art and poorly made OCs on DeviantArt. I think it's dumb to judge an entire series by its fanbase, but it gets similar treatment as MLP/bronies. I agree with most of you all that the newer games aren't nearly as good as the older, side-scrolling Sonic games... I have no idea how Sonic Boom will turn out.
  16. Inpw

    Inpw Roller Coaster Imagineer.

    Built a virtual representation of what I would want a sonic the hedgehog roller coaster to be like. Got thousends of views and stuff and won some respect within the coaster communities with this project. Kinda found the furry fandom through researching art for it but was never really a fan of the character. I did enjoy the sonic 3 and knuckles game though. Such a 90's kid...
  17. Konda

    Konda Member

    What pisses me off is that as bad as 06 was, every single thing bad about it was repeated in Unleashed PS360 (and throw in sun/moon medals and framerate issues into the mix, and werehog, and a hub for every godamn continent) and yet people call it a turnaround. And ever since then I basically had no business liking Sonic anymore since now all of a sudden and ever since then, instead of being considered a village retard for liking Sonic games, I was a village retard for not liking Sonic games.
  18. Digitalpotato

    Digitalpotato Rants like a Gryphon

    While there are people who actually dislike Sonic, I think a lot of the outright hate is because of what I call "The Clique Effect".

    Someone you respect hates Sonic? Now you hate it too - because you want to fit in.
  19. Maugryph

    Maugryph Active Member

    Some people just hate things that are popular. sometimes it is justified. sometimes it is not. I can understand people hating sonic OCs because some are just pallet swaps that have 'do not steal' smack dead in the center of the image. I still like sonic, even though the latest games haven't been that good (With the exception of Sonic Colors, that was great).
  20. Milo

    Milo New Member

    I stuck by my creepy obsession with sonic through the bad times man.

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