Sonic the the hate necessary?

Discussion in 'PC and Console Gaming' started by duddy1, May 17, 2014.

  1. Digitalpotato

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    See: My twitter feed. Non-stop hatred for WatchDogs.

    I wanna know how on earth those guys got their hands on the game - because I can't unlock it until tomorrow.
  2. PastryOfApathy


    Some brick and mortar stores broke the release date and a lot of people have had copies for almost a week now. Or if you believe Ubisoft it was ironically enough evul hackerz.
  3. Hooky

    Hooky Was hermiting.

    Meh. If Sonic Team knew how to make games (a requirement in the industry) then maybe I wouldn't dislike them with such evocation.
  4. duddy1

    duddy1 New to the pack

    You aren't alone :3 Been playing since I was 2...still haven't quit.
  5. Mr. Sparta

    Mr. Sparta Scale Face

    Just so you know, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my werewolf obsession after I played Sonic Unleashed.

    Goddamnit Sega.
  6. chesse20

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    Sonic and the secret rings = trash
    sonic adventures = trash

    the only good thing ti come out of the sonic franchise is "tails gets trolled" and "sonic all stars racing transformed"
    at least it's not bubsy though, bubsy is worse than sonic hands down
  7. Batty Krueger

    Batty Krueger DJ Nailbunny

    I thought sonic adventure was fun on dreamcast. Those 3d graphics were amazing back in the day.
  8. duddy1

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    Mmkay...I can understand hating secret rings, although I didn't myself, but transformed the only good thing to come from sonic? Clearly you haven't played many of the games :3
  9. PastryOfApathy


    Say what you want about Sonic Adventure but without it we wouldn't have been shown the beauty of the Knuckles rap.
  10. Kimjoy

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    Sonic community is among one of the worst and most divided. I personally love the 3D games better like Sonic Heroes and I also like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Riders. Looking forward to Sonic Boom, I have been a Sonic fan for ages and the only people I get in fights with are the purists that only like the games from Sonic Adventure 2 and back.
  11. 1000bluntz

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    This thread just isn't fast enough
  12. Konda

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    I just said in the unpopular opinions thread that videogame industry is clique based. Glad that someone gets it.

    Actually it's the opposite, Colors and Generations pander really hard in the cutscenes. It is trying to be funny now instead of trying to be cool. And the rollercoaster sequences in Generations are infinitely more hammy than the ones in previous games.

    p.s. the irony of your username being CaptainCool

    To me, on some level Sonic used to be.. a sort of distant rogue badass who secretly has a heart of gold. Maybe I was just young. But starting with 06, SSR, and Unleashed onward he's become this sort of creepy coolest-babysitter-ever who just makes me groan. He's put in the same role in every game, whether it's Elise or Shahra or Chip or Tails or Merlina or wheelchair girl. It's obnoxious and repetitive and in some cases bizarre.
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  13. Lemanic

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  14. M4CH

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    As much as I loved Sonic when he was just starting out, I think the franchise lost it's identity in the early 2000's. Plots within the games since have become an inconsistent mess with a lack of originality or character because of the amount of disjointed ideas and gimmicks.

    Nature vs human development: it was a plain, simple and interesting theme full of potential and remains a relevant concern even today (perhaps more now than it's ever been.) I just hate the fact that nothing about any recent Sonic-thing is ever developed further than one game.

    "He's a knight!... now, a werewolf!... now, a time/dimension-traveler! Oh! Now he's got TONS of friends, look at them all! - but we're never going to develop them like we did Knuckles." ~Sonic Team

    That's just my opinion. And for the record, I still love most of the characters, first three games, and SatAM show... alright, and that OTHER show... You know the one.

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