Sprung springs and moving jaw help?

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  1. Almost done with my second head build, pretty much just needs airbrushing at this point. Here it is! <a href="">

    Question.... how to tell when a spring in the jaw has sprung and needs to be replaced, or if there's something else interfering with the jaw movement? This guy's mouth snaps shut nicely in all positions (upside down, sideways, etc) **except** when it's in the normal being-worn position. In that case, it will stay shut if pushed shut and will move while being worn (you can kinda close it with your chin from the inside while wearing it, if that makes sense) so it still looks pretty cool. But I'd like it to work better. I'm wondering if it's the weight from the front of the hood hanging from the lower jaw that makes it less than springy, since it does close well when the hood isn't hanging directly from it? Or is it a spring? I'm thinking at some point I'll probably run into a spring that needs to be replaced, so it'd be good to recognize it when I do. Not that it'd be easy to replace the springs on this guy at this point....

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    Sounds like not enough spring tension just by your description. Right side up has gravity working against the springs, not so much sideways and helped to close by gravity when upside down.

    I think you need a stouter set of springs.
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    The first thing I see when I open this thread, is a dog sniffing a guys crotch and based off of the guys face, he is liking every minute of it.

    I need a therapist.

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