Stories: The Path of Destinies

Discussion in 'PC & Console Gaming' started by ElioteDarth, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. ElioteDarth

    ElioteDarth New Member

    Hey FA. Does any of you own this game? Is it good?


    I was going to buy it but then I heard some worrying comments. Such as:

    > the voice acting is pretty bad
    > the gameplay is boring and repetitive
    > you have to beat the game several times and you cannot skip cutscenes, making the story very slow
    > there is no reason to replay after finding the best ending

    Now I dunno if I should buy, pass or wait for a sale. What do you guys suggest?
  2. lyar

    lyar Its not the human race, its just the human race

    Get it on sale. It is a decent, but short-lived game.

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