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  1. I don't really want this to be a rant about my problems even though it is probably going to come off that way sorry,

    I just feel that im in this cycle of going from being really happy to being upset and lonely, now some may call this life im general and I can agree with that to some degree, and I know that I'm still at a pretty young age with many opportunites to live for, it just comes to a point where it's really annoying and I want to be out of this cycle that I feel I've been in for quite some time.. It's not that I don't enjoy life or anything like that either because I really do, it's just having this constant feeling of being lonely and worrying about not having anyone just gets to me, and everytime I feel that I don't care anymore it comes back and hits me...

    Sorry for the rant, and I know that there are other people who probably feel similar, it's just something that irrates me :(
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  2. PoptartPresident

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    I feel the exact same way to be honest.

    Ever since my recent stalker incident, I have learned who my "true friends" are (literally no one since they all proved themselves to be fair weather friends).
    Familg issues only continue to arise, I'm going to be in college very soon, and working to pay off my own debts with no help.
    Still having to watch my back for Leo, and now I just feel more lonely and scared than ever.

    But hey.
    It's all about the end results.
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  3. That's true, and im sorry about that whole situation, dealing with that senior year has got to be really annoying and I've felt the same way about having fair weather friends, I'm always here if you need to talk about it
  4. PoptartPresident

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    Uuuh well prom is gonna happen soon and I'm still not so sure if I wanna go even though I already won my ticket
  5. Where you gonna try to go with someone or a group of friends? And is it the Leo situation that is holding you back?
  6. MadKiyo

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    Never had a friend for 5 years, constantly inside, wanted to kill myself twice. Then I just stopped thinking about it. Cleaned my act, decided to be nicer, got a job, picked up hobbies, became more hygeinic, styled my hair.

    My solution to stop thinking and just do it. Not saying "go with the flow", but aim your focus at doing something than a lack having something. Brains love to be occupied in many mannerisms. As for not having someone, not sure I'd be the best help.
  7. Thank you MadKiyo
  8. PoptartPresident

    PoptartPresident A teen chatter box

    Well I mean I don't really like my "friends" anymore. And while Leo isn't really the problem here (freshmen aren't allowed to go to prom. It's a senior-only thing), I don't really have anyone I genuinely wanna go with and I don't wanna go alone.
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