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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Atsu_Wilcox, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Atsu_Wilcox

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    It gets rather daunting when you lose internet for a long period. Submissions really start to pile up. With all the updates that have been going on over the past year to the site. I was hoping they would update the ways that you could sort through the submissions. As it stands, you can only set from Newest to Oldest. Or from Oldest to Newest. I really think that the site should have an updated way of sorting everything. My suggestion is to be able to sort by Artist. It would go alphabetically by Artist. And the submissions would be arranged from oldest to newest. I think it would be a great for those who have fallen behind to get through the long lists of submissions.
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  2. Mikhowl

    Mikhowl Writer

    I would love to be able to see all of my favorite atrists' new content at once while looking through my submissions, but that would also remove the whole aspect of going to their profile and looking at their work if you're interested in it. So in other words, less overall page views for them, which could hurt their popularity. It would be a very nice feature from the average user's perspective, though.
  3. Atsu_Wilcox

    Atsu_Wilcox New Member

    I could see your point. Though, I still go to plenty of pages on here. But with as many wonderful arists as I watch. It makes it nearly impossible not to get backed up on submissions. Making it very hard to sort through to ones you actually like.

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